Legendary Comment From Someone On SoundCloud!

in Music4 months ago


I don't often venture on to Soundcloud these days since I stopped paying for the "Pro Unlimited" subscription which I thought was a waste of money.

Yes you get unlimited uploads but the amount of plays and interaction on there has dropped off a lot over the last few years and since I stopped paying, it's dropped off a cliff lol.

However, every now and then, I get a comment from an actual human, which leaves a smile on my face - someone likes something you've spent hours deliberating over that much that they left a comment, amazing!



I didn't even know I was "Shazamable" lol! However, this legend discovered me there and came to my Soundcloud page to reach out!

As far as I can tell, Shazam has now come under Apple Music's wing as I try to log in to Shazam, it just takes me to Apple Music.

Looks like the person is an OG raver too which is even more epic. They've heard it all and grew up with DnB/Jungle and everything else that came along from the rave scene so this is high praise indeed, makes it all worthwhile!

The track they commented on was 8 Days, one of my latest tunes which is an uplifting space themed drum & bass track inspired by a BBC documentary about the first Apollo missions to the Moon.