More New Drum & Bass Music - Dreaming!

in Music10 months ago


What on earth is going on over here, nothing for weeks, followed by 4 new uploads with drum & bass releases and DJ mixes coming out of every orifice lol.

We're coming out of this dark period and into the light now and today's new share is a high energy track that has been spruced up with a new lick of paint from talented graphic designer @gabrielatravels.

The track is called Dreaming and it's one of those that was left unfinished, floating around in my old dusty hard drive that I began when I was about to go travelling.

When I first blew the dust off and got back into the music project, I thought, "Why didn't I get around to finishing this one?!"

The happy-go-lucky vibes and positive feeling throughout brought me back to the time when I was really excited about the adventure I'd about to embark on.

I really was dreaming at the time and couldn't wait to go, now I just need to write up all those travel journals I made into a big ol' book :)

For now though, enjoy this high energy dnb track!


You were ready to take off here, I can imagine the feeling as you prepare to start travelling.
Great tune xxx
Hope you are doing good Nicky xxxx

Hehe thanks Aishlinn, yes very ready to take off with this one! Think I'm ready to take off again now too 😃 I'm doing much better now, thank you! Hope you are doing great too!