New Drum & Bass Remix In The Works - Here's a Demo :)

in Music3 months ago

Rain Down Love remix.PNG

The other week, I shared a tune from Freemasons featuring the amazing vocals of Siedah Garrett, released in the late 2000s and it was an uplifting house track that helped me get through a rough patch in my life.

Of course, dance music videos back then featured a pretty lady or two which also helped promote the tune but that's besides the point lol.

I've been working on a drum & bass remix of this tune as a way to creatively vent a lot of "ish" that's going on in 3D world right now but if you haven't heard the original or would like to see that music video, well, here's a recap:


You will probably notice that the key of the remix I've done is different, along with the tempo. The pitch of the acapella I found of Siedah's vocals is what I've used in the remix.

This provided another interesting challenge to then re-arrange the chord sequence I've done to one that's slightly lower and now, after listening to my remix a lot during production, hearing the higher pitch in the original sounds odd haha!

But in any case, the only thing that isn't mine in the remix is the vocal acapella, I wanted to keep the vibe as true to the original but I'll be the first to say that the original is unbeatable :)

Here's what I've got so far, it needs some final polishing and a bit of mastering magic to finish it off :)

Oh, and a video of professional dancers to do a faster variant of Daft Punk's Around the World video... THEN we'll be good to go for the full release on YouTube lol!


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Yes mate, have given it my support (I don't have much HP but hope it helps) - sorry not around much these days, hope you're keeping well lad!

Every vote matters. Thank you for your support @nickyhavey, really appreciate it! 👍