New Year - New DnB Mix Looking Back On Some Older Tunes :)

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Ok, as I write this, it's not quite the new year but it is somewhere in the world so Happy New Year to you!

I said I was going to put a new Drum & Bass mix together and here it is - it was great to curate tunes that I've enjoyed throughout the last 20 years or so and get the DJ controllers up and running again.

It has been a while but maybe now they are out again, I'll put together a few more as 2023 goes on!

This is a one hour long mix featuring tunes from various artists (no tracks are mine) that I've had on repeat for many times and have helped me through some tough times, maybe you'll recognise some of them!

Shout out to the talented producers who blessed us with these tunes, I was all too happy to mix them together, hope you enjoy!

I made the video using Filmora, mixed in one take live recording using DDJ SB2 Pioneers DJ controllers and the stock images used were from Filmora software.


00:00 - Seba - Snow
04:47 - Klute - Splendor
07:22 - Soulscience - Polyps
10:39 - D Bridge ft. Steve Spacek - Last Straw
13:57 - Dexcell & The Vanguard Project - Identity Crisis
17:39 - Eastcolours - Go To Nowhere (Enei Remix)
22:26 - Specific - Tell Me
25:44 - Tin Man & Lost Sequence - Sublime
29:25 - Rameses B - I Need You (ft. Charlotte Hanning) (Kubix Remix)
32:45 - Calibre & High Contrast - The Other Side
36:24 - Mathematics - Quran
40:02 - Lurch - Splitting The Atom feat. MC Bluejay
43:02 - Hosta - When You Were Mine (VIP mix)
47:27 - LSB - Mist Of You
51:27 - Dan Guidance - The Sounds
55:10 - Bcee & S.P.Y - Is Anybody Out There?


Happy new year Nicky and thanks for the tunes. Here's to an awesome 2023 xxxx

Thank you and to you too Aish! All the best for 2023 :)

Nice few tunes man happy New year to you

Happy new year mate! Glad you enjoyed the mix, had a lot of fun with this digital crate digging :)

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