Setting A New Music Target - 100 Tracks

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Alright, so I have been on a releasing spree of late with tracks being published through our label and I don't consider a track "done and dusted" until I've got it mastered by a studio I always go to in London.

Once they've come back from the studio, I just file them away on a hard drive and totally forget about them as I just start creating something new or am working on something else outside of music.

It actually turns out that I've got 151 tracks that are mastered, I have apparently released 67 through the label and have quite a few remixes/bootlegs, say about 30, that I can only publish as free downloads until they get taken down I guess!

Then there are tracks that were released on other labels but I just couldn't bring myself to re-release them due to wanting to close off that chapter in my life.

That leaves about 40 that I could, and probably should, look to getting officially released out to the world which would bring my total catalogue up and above the 100 track mark!

Maybe I should start again... Oooo time for a tune, how fitting! :)

I might just take my chances and push those bootlegs up on to YouTube and Soundcloud. I won't be able to release those tracks officially although the amount of artists I see that just release tracks that have clips of tunes that they don't have permission for makes me wonder why I care about any of that copyright nonsense!

But I do. So 😝

I guess those bootlegs are good to squeeze in to a mix as a "one-off" promo and then see if my channels get nuked.

Ah well, let's still go for 100, there's enough weaponry to go for it! Watch out for a flurry of releases :)


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100 tracks you can do no problem....set a real target...1000 tracks...

Lol, maybe by the end of 2030...