Something Wicked This Way Comes...

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Uh oh, sounds ominous, and I'm not talking about work colleagues being so "fiat" either! As an aside, calling people who aren't into Bitcoin "fiat" is a new favourite insult lol.

So yes, Halloween is on its way and we're all talking about scary stuff with ghouls, ghosts and gargoyles and whatever else you can think of that's festering in the dark underworld.

Whilst I'm not too keen on this time of year, I'm more a summer chilled vibes person but I have been known to blast out a couple of dark tracks on occasion and so it seems like as good a time as any to whip them out for you dark music freaks!

Tricks & Treats

Well, if you're a fan of the dark music, then this will be a treat for you!

Starting off with the darkness is this tune called "Ghost of Snare" - by far one of my darkest ever made, it's part of the Ghost Times EP, released a few years back:

Next up, we have "Dark Times" which is also part of the Ghost Times EP, cleverly conjured up by @gabrielatravels when she designed the artwork for this EP.

The intro on this one is a little more dramatic as the tension builds before exploding in to dark bassline and booming drum beat.

With a slightly softer middle section as the good side tries to come back in, it's quickly swallowed up again by the dark vibes.

Fun fact on this one, the cover picture for Dark Times is literally a "graveyard shift" as my photographer friend and I spent the night in one of our local church graveyard to get a picture. It was a surreal experience!

We'll return to the light side soon my lovelies but watch out for the creepy crawlies hey :)


Yes mate 🙌🏽

Yes yes! 🙌