Staying Chilled Out with Chilled Drumstep

in Music9 months ago


I've been starting to feel a little more vibrant these last few days and earlier this evening, I thought I'd have a look back on some pictures I took from my first travels nearly 10 years ago.

I'm definitely grateful to have had the opportunity to see some of the places I've seen, some people never even leave their hometown for one reason or another but for me, I have to go out and explore places that planet Earth has to offer.

In my most recent adventure to Australia and New Zealand in 2019, I was inspired to create an EP that would provide a soundtrack reminder of that trip and the first track of which is Travelling Man, which somehow ended up being a chilled drumstep tune.

As I listen to this a couple of times to take my mind elsewhere, I'm starting to wonder if I should blow the dust off the music software, go back to the music project file and then try to convert this into a liquid dnb track - see how it sounds, why not?!

For now though, here's that spiritual number for you to enjoy on this mid-week humpday slam!