New full album "El primer vuelo del cóndor" released on Spotify

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I'm excited to announce that my 1st full album featuring Andean and Native American style flutes cover songs has been released on Spotify. Up until now I've been only putting on Spotify some relaxation style originals and El Condor Pasa which is in the public domain. But I've discovered from RouteNote documentations that some streaming services like Spotify allow cover songs since they pay for their own licenses for cover songs. That made me decide to upload my masters to the service.

El primer vuelo del cóndor

I decided to call my first album "El primer vuelo del cóndor" in honor to "El Condor Pasa" and the Peruvian style music that I fell in love with since I was a teen. It's me taking my first flight ☺️.

Please have a listen, you can sign-up for a free (ad supported) Spotify account to listen to the full songs. Follow me too while you're at it 😉.

Andean style instrumentals playlist

I've also compiled a Spotify playlist with my favourites Andean music that I like to play when working from home:

Avatar and banners update

It was also time for me to update some of my avatar and Spotify/Youtube banner. I took the opportunity to try that trending AI Art app and pay to train their AI engine 🤣. I've selected two AI generated avatars that look like me the most. Pure coincidence, one of them was holding a stick so I edited it to add little holes like if I was holding a flute.

So here is my new avatar:
Quoc-Huy's Avatar

My new Spotify banner:
Spotify Banner.jpg

And my Youtube banner:
Youtube Banner 2.jpg


A production full of mysticism and spiritual depth... Excellent in every way... A few minutes ago I fell into ecstasy listening to "The Gael"... It is a wonderful piece that drives us to introspection... I have also loved the the way they performed "Hey Jude"... Wow, friend, you make exquisite music... I send my most sincere congratulations and I wish great success for this and all your projects... It's music at a sublime level!... Blessings to you and your close people!...Thanks!

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Thanks for listening and taking time to comment. Those are the two pieces that took me the most time to work on. I’m glad you liked them. If you are curious here are their videos:
The Gael

Hey Jude

Wow, thank you very much for sharing the links to youtube @quochuy friend (I have had breakfast watching and listening to these jeje 😊 )... Great to see you interpreting the songs with such mystique and skill... I'm impressed with the quenacho you made in PVC and its excellent sound!... That's it be an integral musician!... Greetings to you and your colleagues, you are all excellent at what you do!... Bravo!


Wow! I am so happy for you my friend. You are now reaping what you have sown! Awesome music! Very unique!🥰♥️

Excelente, muy bueno, felicitaciones, para mis clases de Artes total relajación. Gracias, gracias, gracias.

That is very cool, gonna go and listen now!

Congrats Man. This is big achievement and Happy for You making it Happen.

Will Give this Album a Listen! Cover and new Profile picture looks good.

Congratulations! 1.jpg

i just gave it a try to the album and i loved it!! the second one was my favorite, so good!

Congrats on your successful launch of your new full album in Spotify. I hope that you could be a successful independent artist someday!

Hello! =) We just found your music and like it alot!! Congrats on releasing this album! We started an initivate to make a database of Hive musicians and interview them. We would love to have you on there!!
If you are interested, please get in touch with @ravenmus1c , either on Discord (Raven#8439) or via email: [email protected]
We would love to hear from you!! Thank you! =)

nice album congrats

Congrats man you have been always a better on hive

This is so nice and keep up the good work progressing.

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Hey this is awesome. Looking forward to listening!

wow, this is so amazing, I was stunned seeing you playing the flute cover, the sound is top notch.... The likeness I had for it made me to check more of it on spotify...

The music is really refreshing to hear. Keep up the good work!

Your music is absolutely beautiful! 😍✨

Well done! Quochuy

Very nice. Also thank you so much for your support my music channel via upvoting. 🙏

Good afternoon quochuy, we love your music, and we were wondering if you'd like to feature in our 'music artist interview series' on Hive. We were hoping you could reach out and connect with us.

Either drop 'slothlyd' a message on Discord (or provide us with your Discord username and we'll contact you) or email us at ' [email protected] ' so we can connect and get an interview set up.

Regards HMVF team.