Relaxing improvisation with the native American flute

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This week, I've started building some native American flute (NAF) from bamboo. I've always wanted to try the NAF but never got the opportunity to buy one. Having watched a lot of videos on the making of one of those flutes, I've decided I could make one myself and started the build.

Bamboo is easy to work with and is naturally hollow which saves a lot from the process. This flute is tuned to the key of G♯m on the Pentatonic scale.

The background scenes were recorded at Avoca Beach, NSW, Australia.

Wishing you a relaxing weekend.
Thanks for watching.

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Wow! You are a person from outer space with lots of hidden talents!!!

Could you fly as well?!
Hahaha. Or is it a secret?!


😅 I can fly but in a plane

Hahaha! I thought you would keep your secret!! I used to have a magic carpet; but it’s invisible. So, I don’t know where it is now! LoL

Such a rare skill, not a lot of people know how to make a flute, maybe only real musician know. You played so well too, indeed its such a relaxing music...

Thank you :-D

It is really amazing tool and blowing it at night at open place creates the atmosphere of peace. Good work!

Yes! I brought it to the beach over the weekend, sitting under a large tree. It was great.

I've made a few with pvc, which work well, but look awful. Yours looks beautiful. I'll have to check out how much bamboo blanks cost. I get the pvc for free.

PVC can sound quite nicely when done well. But yes, they don't look the best hahaha unless you sand them down and paint them with multiple coat and a clear varnish.

Jeez is there anything you can't do XD

I aim to learn some more skills before it's too late :-D

MAN! little question here: My channel is about music aswell. But i dont make half the rewards you get. Plese, i need advise. I want to learn how to make it throu hive :D

Hi David,
You have some good music on your channel!
I'm also a developer and have been contributing to several communities and also to Hive Blog itself that's why a lot of people have been supporting me for the work done.
Do you have a Twitter account? If so then you should also tweet links to your Hive blog and use #hive and #hiveisalive tags to get your post seen by more of the Hivers that are Tweeting too

Im gonna use my twitter just for this reason man! Thnx for taking your time to answer bro! lml
And thnx 4 the feedback. Btw what u mean by Hive blog?

Hive Blog is this website you are using right now (

lol i thought it was another comunnity inside the blog xD

Wow es exelente tu talento, me agrado, gracias por compartir, te dejo mi voto y te sigo.

Muy bueno, suena muy bien, gracias por compartir, te voto y te sigo.

Wow, great but between the two of us - 72$?