Live Synthesizer jam session with The Neon Project

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Neon Project jam at Recording Box thumb.png

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Hey Gang!

The girls are putting together a synthesizer project that doesn't have a name yet, so we're calling it "The Neon Project" for now. This is the third rehearsal we've had. You can see some progress, so Tefa and Reggo said yes to recording part of the session to share with you all.

In case you're wondering, here are the synths used in the session:

Erica Synths DB-01

Erica Synth DB-01.jpg
image source

Roland TR-08 Rhythm Performer
Roland TR-8.jpeg
image source

Elektron Digitakt
Elektron Digitakt.png
image source

And last, but not least, the Korg Microkorg

image source

We don't know where this is going for sure, but we're sure that we're having lots of fun with the process.

We hope to share some more updates on The Neon Project, and if everything works out, maybe a live show, how 'bout that?

Horizontal line.png

Audio & video Recorded and edited right here in Recording Box, a Recording Studio owned and operated by Hivers @alex-rourke and @pamarias

Cameras used:

  • Sony a6000 + Sigma 30mm lens (x2)
  • GoPro Hero 7

Recording Box animated.gif

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