Mayki Graff in the house for a metaverse show in Voxels

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ESP 🇪🇸

La poderosa voz de la rapera Mayki Graff prende el escenario una vez más en Voxels en una fiesta a cargo de Emanate y Appics. Acá una muestra del show grabando en Recording Box.

ENG 🇬🇧

The powerful voice of female rapper Mayki Graff lights up the stage once more in Voxels for Emanate & Appics' Metaverse party. Here's some footage from the show produced right here in Recording Box.

And here are some stills from the party!

Emanate was hooking up fans with some nice swag to rock at the show.
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Once again, Big thanks to one of the #HIVE OGs @djlethalskillz for putting this all together and letting talented musicians from Latin America show the world what's up! 👊

Here's the man himself on stage:

Lethalskillz on stage at Emanate's venue in Voxels.jpeg

Hip Hop has no borders.


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Mayky Graff's show was produced with love, right here in our studio owned and operated by Hivers @alex-rourke and @pamarias

Cameras used:

Sony a6000 + Sigma 30mm lens (x2)
GoPro Hero 7

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so great to see this! Kudos to u and recording box for always being there to provide and introduce amazing talents to the world and the web3 space, for more to come! LFG 🔥💯

Artists are so hyped to be able to perform in the metaverse. Thanks Man! love working with you and Emanate!

appreciate all u do! u always on point and deliver high quality work thats the Alex! LFG

Good stuff! can't wait to get things going with @blocktunes and @gamestate! That will be fun times. May have to check out Voxels as a backup!

🙌 Yeah, it's always a good idea to have options and learn from folks that may have good ideas to share. Lots of smart people out there.

Looking forward to @blocktunes and @gamestate

not my style but good 👍

Lots of different genres come through here :). We'll have something for you soon my friend.

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