Alejandro Villatoro - Cabalgata Nocturna (Midnight Horse ride)

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gm dear friends!

Today is day one of the production of our friend Alejandro's new instrumental album titled Siamese Tree. The first track on the album is called Cabalgata Noctura, which is Spanish for Midnight Horse Ride or Nocturnal Horse Ride.
It's such a privilege to record a beautiful instrument like this.

For this recording, we decided to go for a stereo pair of Neumann TLM103 large diaphragm condenser microphones placed at about 45 degrees and using the 3:1 rule, which states that if your first microphone is placed 1ft from the source, the second microphone should be placed around 3ft from the source to avoid phase issues.


please enjoy.

This is what they look like when viewed from the top:

3 to 1 mic placement.jpg

The mics need phantom power which is being provided by a Focusrite Clarett 8Pre interface. Added a little bit of Valhalla Vintage Verb on an aux bus in the mixer to give it a little texture.

Recording and video produced with love right here in the studio.

Recording Box animated.gif

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 7 months ago  

A beautiful sound. The choice of microphones seems to me to be adequate. The Neumann are excellent working tools and are very good at collecting sound. Congratulations to the artist for this first song.

On the other hand, we would like to continue to support him since his work seems to me of very good quality. But there is a small problem that needs to be addressed. Notice, an artist at the end of his presentation receives applause from the public, this motivates him to continue creating because the applause gives him enough energy to continue. Here at Hive, those applauses are those comments that we leave in support of the artist, which without a doubt, is extremely important. So, imagine that an artist after his presentation does not receive applause. Pretty sad.

So, we invite you to support others who give us their hearts in each presentation. I understand that you are not the one who plays the instrument, but you are the one who does the editing and recording. Besides, you are the owner of this profile that has undoubtedly given us great interpretations of incredible artists.

Thank you for your comments dear @edwardstobia, We've been helping create live sessions like this, free of charge for musicians to showcase their talent in their home town. Some of them we've been able to onboard to HIVE, some of them not. Unfortunately, not everyone is interested in joining the web3 revolution of true account ownership and censorship resistance. Why? I'm not entirely sure. I suppose it's hard to leave the Matrix sometimes. In any case, you will continue to see new musicians like @bexe, @aiminetwal, @wrongband, @abzurdo , @fozzbanda come to HIVE through the Hive Stage project. Please stay tuned, and support with some words of encouragement or a reblog.

Thanks again for your words!

The sound of the Guitar is a caress for the additive apparatus and for the heart. Wonderful interpretation of this great artist. I congratulate you on this extraordinary presentation. It was really magical and enchanting.

Yes! and it's only the first song! 🙌

We're truly excited to be part of projects like this that allow us to keep learning, experimenting and fine tuning the craft of music recording and mixing.

Thank you very much for your comments.