Exploring New Musical Treasures: A Glimpse into My Latest Song Discoveries.

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Hi guys, today I got some new songs that I discovered some days ago. For some time, I have been trying to get some new songs and also learn some new songs because some of the songs I knew before were obsolete, so I went online to check some song lyrics and search for them so that I could download them. I tried to listen to it and learn it because I loved the way the song was sang. Today, I have three songs which I want to share for the TTT and also for the music community.

The first song is titled Odogwu karimi Odogwu by Virgilus Eze. This song is a Christian song, and it has a meaning. The meaning of Odogwu is a strong man, a man of charisma and prowess. What made me love this song is that I heard some choristers singing it, and they were singing with their head voice, and all their paths came out so well, which is why I had to go download it. Here is the original song from YouTube.

The second song I will be sharing is Jesu Iwo L'oni Ogo by Esther Oji. This song means God owns all the glory. This song is a song I saw on someone's WhatsApp status, and I searched for this song with the lyrics and was able to find it, so I had to download it. When I listened to this song, I felt some lovely vibes from the song because of the instrumentation. Here is the YouTube version of this song.

The last song for the TTT today is Kumama Papa by Grace Lokwa and Moses Bliss. The song was released in 2022, and this song was trending so much because it was a song that attracted more attention and its lyrics were so meaningful. A lot of people did covers of this song because they loved it so much. Here, you can listen to the original song and enjoy the vibe.

These songs I shared are ones I really love to listen to so well and I can say that I have been able to update my album list since I got these songs. Listen and enjoy.