Vienna at Night 🔥 (Beast in Black – Moonlight Rendezvous)

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Beast in Black ist eine finnische Metal Band, die vor kurzem diesen dystopischen Song veröffentlicht haben. Der Song handelt vom Krieg Mensch gegen Maschinen, Cyborgs sind die Sündenböcke für die Rezession und alle sozialen Probleme geworden. haha, kommt mir irgendwie bekannt vor. Was sagt ihr dazu? In Zukunft könnten sich Menschen auch in Cyborgs oder Bots verlieben (oder umgekehrt). Dystopie oder Utopie?


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Introducing Beast in Black – Moonlight Rendezvous

🎵 Beast in Black – Moonlight Rendezvous

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Beast in Black is a Finnish metal band that recently released this dystopian song. The song is about the war of man against machines, cyborgs have become the scapegoats for the recession and all social problems. haha, sounds kinda familiar. What do you guys think? In the future, humans might also fall in love with cyborgs or bots (or vice versa). Dystopia or utopia?

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Everything has some good and bad impacts, I think robotics and A.I are going to change our life in a positive way if we use them in the proper way.

I'm already in love with my roomba.🤣🤣


I thought the FED and Central Banks are the scapegoats, at least when it comes to Zombie Companies

Do you think humans may fall in love with bots?
I don't know if that may happen

I think people will fall in love with cyborgs and bots. In a way, I think there are AI chatbots and people have made applications for them. Some people using them have already fallen for them.

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cool rock'n'roll :-)

Pretty cool!

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Hey @vikisecrets I need your help, you once blogged about an analysis of a NFT marketplace and how problematic because intransparent the transactions were there. I think it was even about an investigation. I tried various keyword combinations in the peakd search function, but I couldn't find your blogpost anymore :'(

oh do you mean this article:

I use to search for blog posts with the author:tag you can limit the search to a specific author.

Yeah that's it thx, will check hive searcher

Awesome, I love heavy metal!


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