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Hello Everyone 😁

A happy day to you all!
Here's this week's #KISS Blogging Ideas for the Week.
I hope that you'll all be able to join in.

This topic carries a broad question on resilience. Maintaining a minimalist lifestyle does take a lot of resilience to keep things simple and functional. Feel free to share your opinions on this topic.

Please follow the guidelines, be creative and make it personable.

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Week 5 Apr 30 - May 7.jpg

PS. In case you missed previous issues of #KISS and would like to blog on any of the topics, please feel free to click on the desired week below:

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This is a great topic with a lot to say, "with a lot of fabric to cut" I liked your idea and I hope you like my personal publication, thanks for the idea.


Hello @jackdeathblack


We are delighted that you have discovered the community, and we look forward to seeing you around:)
I trust that you have seen our Introduction, Content Ideas & Posting Guidelines, which could be a great tool for inspiration of content.
You've already discovered our weekly publication called #KISS (an acronym for our community motto, Keep It Simple & Smart), which presents you with blog ideas for the week,to boost the community activities.
A #KISS publication is always pinned on the community's feed, where you can find the active week, however you are free to present any minimalist focused post at any time, as long as it is original-content.
Please be sure to cite all sources for information presented.
See you around:)

Thank you very much for your comment and support, it is always a pleasure to support the communities, thanks for the suggestions, I will do my best to comply with everything.

Quite an interesting set of question to write on.
I am glad to be part of this section of the question given.
This is a link to my entry

Here's my publication on the given topic.
I hope you would like it.

Thanks very much for your participation:)

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Recilience is one of my favorite themes, this is a great idea.

My #kiss entry