Minimalistic Lifestyle Choices: A Posting CONTEST

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Enter for a chance to win Hive

Hello Everyone,

It's @millycf1976 here; To bring awareness to The Minimalist community, and to set the New Year 2022 off on a positive start, this contest is being hosted to highlight some of the benefits that can be achieved from practicing minimalism and living a minimalist lifestyle.

There are a few options below to choose from.
Please read the topics carefully and follow the guidelines to be eligible.

Contest RULES

  1. SUBSCRIBE to The Minimalist Community.
  2. Invite two other persons to enter this contest.
  3. Post before the Countdown Expires.
  4. Post directly to the Community.
  5. The first tag must be #NY22Minimalist
  6. Drop a link to your post in the comments section of this post.
  7. Engagement with other contest entries will be considered in case of a tight competition,
  8. Quality Content (Text and Photos)
  9. Minimum 250 words.
  10. Post in English Only.
  11. NO PLAGIARISM, and cite relevant sources.

Contest Rewards

  • First Place 10 Hive
  • Second Place 5 Hive
  • Third Place 3 Hive
  • The Winning Post will be pinned to the community for 7 days.




Please use first tag #ny22minimalist, however, this community is an independent community, so please add all other relevant tags of choice.

Have fun and invite two other persons to enter this contest.
This could help you kick-start your New Year's resolution for 2022!

The photo is mine, the second image and banner were created using canva. Gif below by riverflows.

Thank you for visiting:)


Find The Minimalist Community Here on Hive


Here you go. Hope you like it. I also made a gif and a footer image if anyone wants to use it. <sup>[Find The Minimalist Community Here on Hive](</sup>

Find The Minimalist Community Here on Hive


Hey @riverflows,


Also, thank you for creating the gif and footer image:)

Hard hitting questions! Was fun making this post!
Not sure if you wanted the invitations in this comment or the post. I left them in the post :P

Hello, @blind-spot,
Thank you for your feedback:) Yes, I do hope that every entry will give the readers something to consider applying to their lives in the near future.
I'm looking forward to reading your post:)


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Thank you @hivebuzz :) Always nice to something :)

You're welcome @hive-194848.

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Thank you and Merry Christmas 🎅!

Hello Merry Christmas here my participation

Invite: @lisfabian, @aguamiel @melena to be participance fot minimalist contest.

Life is pretty simple if you want to see it that way "(Perspective)

My Entry

Hello @otshotz,
Please remember to subscribe to community!

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I love this new community and happy to join in the contest. Is it okay to go with more than one topic for the contest?

@wolfofnostreet, thanks for your kind feedback. I take it you have a lot to cover? I would prefer if you selected one, but if yes, and you have a lot to say, then go ahead.
Please keep it simple to follow though:)

Hello to @millycf1976 and @hive-194848 ! Here is my entry to this awesome contest and thanks for creating this wonderful community💞💞🙏
I've invited @cahlen and @edprivat to enter this contest😀

Hello @katou.kanga, just for the record:)

Thank you!💞🙏

Appreciating a fabulous new community, and a focal point to help us consider what really matters. Here's my contribution:

Hey @artemislives, this is just for the record:)

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