Mastering Mood Fluctuations

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As humans, one of the most constant things about us is how our mood changes within a twinkle of an eye. It's not necessary draws down to disappointment, needs, or pains; sometimes it just comes naturally, and even the happiest men have such moments when they're just not excited, and you won't even be able to place their hands on why. In this article, I'll love to tell you all about how I deal with mood swings and stabilize everything to get back to normal.


To start with, as an introvert who is mostly indoors, I'm kind of prone to this situation of having mood swings, and that's most definitely because being alone on its own can literally give your mind time to wander around on multiple things that can affect your mood, although at times I still get mood swings from my interactions with others. But regardless of the causes, I've got ways via which I get over them, and they're as slated below.

Indulge in what I love doing: in such a moment when I noticed I'm having mood swings and I know how critical that can be for my mental health and well-being, what I do is spend more time doing the things I love, and some of them are listed below:

  • Play video games: This is probably one of my first getaway strategies from such mood swings. When I'm not in the right state of mind, I tend to switch on the PlayStation or some mobile games on my devices and play, and since I love actions and adventurous games, the time spent playing those games literally helps me get over such a mood, and how that's easily facilitated is because coming out victorious in the missions of such games lightens my mood, and before you know it, I'm back into my normal mood.
  • Listen to music: Listening to music is another way in which I get such mood changes. Most times when I'm down, unhappy, or having such a change of mood, I listen to music, and not just any music but cool and calm ones with lyrics that have the ability to lighten your mood. I'm a big fan of a Nigerian musician known as Shola Allyson, and listening to her makes me wander away from my pain into another mood that's far more positive and fixated on my purpose.

Aside from all of those, if my mood change were to be as a result of someone close to me, what I do is totally different, and it's:

  • Walk Away: Yeah, I know that might seem kind of odd, but it's what helps me get over my mood changes in such a situation. When someone is the brain behind the mood changes, the best way I can overcome such a situation is to stay as far away as possible from such a person. Being around such people at that very moment kind of reminds me of what happens, and that kind of lets the pain and anger linger, so stepping away from that vicinity and spending some time alone to think helps me calm down and then come back to my right senses, which I can then go back to without having the pain in mind any longer.

Aside from all of the above-listed things I do to lighten my mood in a situation when I have mood swings, other things I do are chat, watch funny videos online, snuffle through my galleries to catch a glimpse of images that'll remind me of pleasant memories, and several others, to mention but a few.

That's all about what I do to break free from my mood-changing experience. I hope you enjoyed the read and learned something. The article was inspired by the minimalist community KISS prompt, and if you'd love to partake, then I'll suggest you read this post for more information.

Do have a wonderful time and stay blessed.

Note: All photos are mine


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Greetings @vickoly mood swings are part of our existence the problem is not knowing how to handle these changes, but how nice that you have been able to recognize that you have these changes and above all I love the way you channel it, I too when I feel burdened I do things that give me satisfaction...thanks for your post.

Thanks so much for your kind words, it's indeed normal to have this situation, being able to handle it well is what matters.

Thanks so much and have a wonderful time.

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In my case, what works best for me is to walk away its the most simple think we can do and only at this kind of moments, take a walk, breathe or simple some how vent out, identify what you are feeling to control it, NOW I am mature enough to say at this moment I am upset and I cannot talk, it took me many years and troubles to learn it the hard way ✌🏻