Caterpillar with no will to live

Caterpillar with no will to live

I have already mentioned that from my desk where I work I can see part of the perimeter wall of the place where I live. On one occasion I turned to look at something I had left near it and saw something unusual on the wall. The sunlight was making something glow orange and white. Then I got closer and it was some kind of caterpillar, of an impressive size (at least to me). So I ran back inside, got the camera and started taking these shots.


I marveled at its colors, with very delicate strokes, made with great precision along its small body. What is the function of those long white hairs? Are they for defense or camouflage? Or simply to attract potential mates? Are they poisonous to humans? I don't know, and I wasn't about to find out at this time.



The delicate droplets of morning dew attached to those hairs were a delight to see live. I don't remember ever seeing such a thing before.


I really liked this photo!👆 You can give it several names if you use your imagination for fun. It could be that he got angry and wanted to attack me. Or maybe he was posing for the camera, showing off his balance and glowing tummy. Or he simply wanted to see if I would fly. Crazy...


You may be wondering about the title. It's just that on that wall, right where he was, many birds that I've photographed before usually perch. So, this little friend did not know that he was in danger there, since he could easily be seen by these birds, or he had really lost the will to live and wanted something like that to happen to his life, and end up in the beak of one of them.


In a few seconds he got down from where he was, walked a few centimeters along the wall and slid down the other side of the wall, disappearing from my sight.

I was fortunate to see this beautiful specimen in time before it left, to have my camera charged and enough light to get these memories.

DeviceCanon EOS Rebel t3i
LensEFS 18-55 mm
ObjectBold Caterpillar
Shutter speed1/320
Captured by@aaalviarez


Banner 2022.jpg

Banner: Made by me in GIMP with my own images and free resources from the site


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Beauty is hidden in the smallest things, sometimes we don't stop to appreciate nature and it's amazing perfection!

I confess that I was tempted to take it in my hands, but I think that some of them we can't touch. So I could only admire it. Greetings @mangeliica96 👋

I believe so!! haha, some worms with that skin look are dangerous 😅 But still beautiful.