Happy National Day, Romania!


Every year on December 1st, Romanians worldwide celebrate our national day. Frankly, I'm not much of a patriot, and I'm not religious either, but there's a different vibe in the air during any holiday, and that's probably the everyday mood we should have... which, unfortunately, we don't.

So, what's the significance of this day?

"The government established the 1st of December as Romania's National Day in 1990, following the anti-communist revolution, based on the fact that on the 1st of December 1918, two Romanian regions, Transylvania, and Banat, merged with what was then Romania."

What do Romanians do on this day? Mostly, we eat, drink, and indulge in some typical foods. A specialty involving beans and pork, paired with hot wine, is undoubtedly the top choice for such cold days.

I haven't had any traditional food yet, and I've abstained from alcohol for a few good months, but I've been out for most of the day. Went to a few restaurants with some friends, and all of them were adorned with winter decorations 😉.

I can't say I'm a big fan of such decorations and traditional costumes, but I certainly enjoyed spotting that yellow Ferrari at the gas station. I used to be a Ferrari fan for quite some time during my teenage years.

The model is an F430, the one that killed the manual gearbox for Ferrari. Although I'd prefer a red one, if I were to own a Ferrari, I wouldn't mind a yellow one either.

The fun part of the national day celebration was that the only ones I saw in traditional clothes at the places I visited today were some Vietnamese waiters... I bet they love the outfits...

Anyway, that's about it from my side for now. I wish you all a great day and a magnificent weekend ahead! Happy national day to all the Romanian hivers!!! See ya...













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Faceau ceva si la noi in piata, dar am uitat sa ma duc, sa vad cum au sarmalele.

Nici eu nu am probat fasolea dar am auzit ca s-a păstrat traditia si anu acesta.

Fasolea ca fasolea, dar ciolanu' ?

Bine zis 😀

Happy holidays to you!

Enjoy, I'm sure you'll definitely taste some delicacies today. I really like some of the pictures in your post.