Various kinds of flowers | Red Adenium Obesum


Hello photography lovers wherever you are, today I again want to show you one type of Adenium flower, of course there are many types of Adenium flowers as well as the color of this ornamental flower, which we often encounter is pink, but today I want to show you the red type of Adenium

Adenium flowers are generally better known as Japanese frangipani flowers, one of the flowers that can be bonsai, this flower if properly cared for will produce a lot of flowers and the flower crown looks a little bigger, very bright in color.








Those are some pictures of Red Adenium Obesum flower, and some of these pictures I took using the lensbong lens that I use on my smartphone camera, I hope you enjoy what I show today, greetings from me

Photo TakenSmartphone OPPO A53
LensLensbong(Q-Lens)/Macro lens(APEXEL APL-24X)
LocationNorth Aceh - Indonesia


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