Ash in the Sunset?

The Bureau of Meteorology was quoted as saying that there was a possibility of ash being blown from volcanic eruption at Tonga onto the eastern coast of Australia, and there could be ash in the sunset was the reason I ran to the garden last night.

Sunset is currently at 5:45 and the time I was outside looking up was 6:05. I was not disappointed.

Surprised and excited at the patchwork of colours and shapes, I took this first shot toward my left as I stood on the lawn in the garden. The light whispery cloud formation of deep orange and red blended colours sitting beside dark rain clouds was a most impressive sight.

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Then, further over toward the middle section of the sky surrounded by blue I saw this. This photo was taken on my bench seat in the Bali hut and the reason a fringe of roof's straw reed branches is framing this shot.

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Moving the camera of the iPhone toward the left of the sky as the clouds and colours were rapidly changing. Sunset displays come and go quickly. In my last photo this particular pretty sunset was not only framed by the fringes of the thatched straw it was also framed by the roofs of the nearby houses and distant trees. A touch of suburbia!

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Later the weather reported that ash was in the sunset further up north on Lord Howe Island. Definitely no ash in the sunset, on the south eastern coast of Queensland.

A little disappointed at not seeing the effect of ash on the sunset it was nonetheless still a spectacular colour slideshow display put on by Mother Nature.

And while I had fun taking shots of the sunset on Monday evening I wish to offer my heartfelt sympathies to this tiny Pacific nation Tonga. They are doing it tough and we have news of deaths from the volcanic eruption and tsunami, so sad and tragic.


I wish to thank @tobetada for bringing #lovetheclouds to Hive. I always think of this tag when I look up and see clouds fill the sky.


Thank you @adalger for bringing the #amazingnature community to Hive. I really appreciate how amazing nature is.


Today is Tuesday and that means it is #treeTuesday, created and organised by the laid-back and Mr relaxed nice guy @old-guy-photos. To celebrate I am sharing a couple of tree photos I snapped at West End on the banks of the Brisbane River, in the capital city of Queensland of Brisbane. I took the photos last August.

This tree was looking particularly artistic all dressed up with a creative piece of a pretty purply patchwork sock on its trunk. I believe that a local community/neighourhood group get together to decorate trees at a certain time of the year.

Here is a close up shot!

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And a shot taken at a distance!
I wanted a full photo of the tree with its branches showing the river in the background. The trees along the river are large, old and magnificent.

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Lovely sunset photography with or without ash filled clouds, sad to hear Tonga nation is in the middle of strife with mother nature.

Good morning and thank you for your kind praise. It was reported on the news that Tongan people living in Australia had not heard from their families in Tonga. But, maybe that was due to the communication system being down.

Communication system they mentioned will take a couple of days to set up only field satellite phones being used for connecting to the world. Small islands always stand the problem of being new land in an ever developing world.

They do @joanstewart. Their houses are so flimsy, they don't stand a chance against the forces of nature. Australia has on the hop and I daresay have already arrived with resources, food etc and army personal.

At least help is offered from relatively close, some regions battle after natural disasters.

Sunset is definitely one of the most beautiful sites nature has to offer. Beautiful photos!

Hello @promisearts, thank you for your lovely compliment, regards Angie