Golden Hour ~ California Sunsets #249

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“There’s never one sunrise the same or one sunset the same.” ~ Carlos Santana ~

Golden Hour, taken Thursday,
October 14th from
Ocean Park, California



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The first one is from an unusual spot / angle but I love it. The light reflections on the cars look very cool :)

Thanks man! Its from the steet I walk down to go to the beach... caught that on my way back home.

Yeah, I know the location, still remember those sweet Cali moments ;)

Ya man, I bet you do! Charming streets, especially this time of year!

That shot down Hart Ave is awesome! Was someone a bit late for the sunset?!?

Haha! Yes was a bit late and it was a tad chilli. I got off the bike trail and was lagging, but it turned out to be a cooool sunset.

Maybe you should lag more often. Grab an IPA or two and chillax on the deck!

Almost funny. Work on your humor and bring me down a case of Racer 5 this weekend!

Had a great time down there last night. Will you be posting those epit shots?

Pure beauty.

It was a cool one that night. Thanks!

I like the leading lines of the gleaming cars on the first shot. Well framed.

Yes, it was cool. Some luck with timing on that. Thanks.

First Photography looks like a art. Wonderful sunset Photography.

Thank you :)

Really awesome photography and I am fascinated by your photography. At first photo looks like someone made art

Much appreciated. Thanks!