Clearing out

It has been a minute ! I have missed the hive community!
I have been taking a lot of photographs lately, mostly of plants.

I have shared these plant photos and stories that come with them on my instagram but I’m looking to share future stories here also.

Today’s plant story is about clearing a little field where I am looking to plant some herbs and grow a few trees.

The ‘garden’ area was a mess when I saw it, so I put on my big girl shoes and got working. I took out the weeds that had covered the ground.
There is a plant ( Ewe Iyana Ipaja) that is used to cook vegetable soup where I am from. I think its called Tree spinach in english. A friend mentioned that the plant wasn’t native to my country but was brought in by foreigners, but overtime people accepted it as a delicacy.

This plant had overtaken the whole field and in this case it had become a weed. I uprooted it where i could.

Unfortunately the white sap from the plant causes skin irritation, my hands itched a bit when I touched it. It was fine after i rinsed my hands with water.

I got some good photos of the leaves.

They’re unedited for now.

As time goes on, I’m looking to use these photographs to improve my drawing and design skills.

Maybe this post is a metaphor for clearing out old methods in order for me to grow and develop new skills and ways of continuing my artistic practice.

Do stick around!


Nice to see a new post from you, Dara. Hope you have been well! 👀 see you on the next one 😊.

Yes I have, so many things have happened lol! Thanks for remembering me and sticking around