Mountain Adventure with Friends: A Journey to Kotal and Anjeer Dara

Had a great time with friends after a long time that I will never forget. Today's post of mine is about spending time with friends and showing some cool pictures to you friends. It has been my effort to share the best photography with you guys and share the best beauty of mountain area with you friends.

My post is long, for which I apologize, I wanted to cover it in 1000 words, but it was not possible because I kept on writing. Anyway, read till the end because it is very interesting and at the same time you guys will like it more and at the same time you will get a good view.

This post tells the tale of the mountain hike that I went on with some companions. The mountains "Kotal" and "Anjeer Dara" were our two main goals. The hiking location known as Kotal Mountain is more popular among hikers, with most people climbing to it.

On the other hand, "Anjeed Dara" is a distant location from "Kotal," which is around one hour away. Due to an army camp there and their policy of not allowing hikers to climb the mountain on a regular basis, "Anjeer Dara" is primarily blocked to civilian visitors. Due to the Army's occasional refusal to permit access to this area, climbing this peak carries some risk. It was our fortunate circumstance, though, that the Army didn't stop to greet us upon arrival, allowing us to camp and enjoy the trip.

It was Friday and all our friends were sitting in Fatimiya Center. Fatimiya Center is an educational institution which is a center of various education areas for children and adults. There are around 500-600 students in this institution which my friends including me manage the whole centre.

It is an institution where people work for the pleasure of God, meaning they do not get paid but work for free. Someone is busy cleaning, someone is busy training the children, someone is taking care of the management of the center and someone is busy making tea for the teachers and many more.

Therefore, all the friends except some who work for money, the rest of the friends work for free and have made this organization their center for meetups and other gatherings. Each of our gatherings or picnics is set at this center because all the friends meet here to have a chance to talk.

Most of the time on Friday, all our friends gather at the center, because this day is the cleaning day and everyone works together. On the same day we also make various entertainment programs like hill climbing, holding football matches, going swimming program, organizing seminars and other functions and organizing other meetings etc.

That Friday, some of my friends said, "Why don't we climb the mountain on Sunday and spend our weekend there?" All of us friends agreed to go to the mountain and come back to town after breakfast, lunch, and evening tea.


Quetta is a city surrounded by only mountains. That is, the beauty of this city is the mountain. Our luck is that we are very close to a mountain, which gives us the best opportunity to go mountain hiking and enjoy nature at the same time.

All of us friends were busy planning the mountain, including organizing the mountain equipment, filling food items, arranging breakfast, packing kit bags and other necessities.

We were 10 friends in the program, which was organized under my leadership. I wrote the necessary items on a clean paper for the mountain and shared the various tasks among my friends. We had the weekend to complete all the supplies as well as packing.

Therefore, on Saturday we completed all the things and in the evening I packed everything and prepared it. We almost had 8 kit bags, although there were 10 people but 8 kit bags. That was because we had to go far in the mountains and there were lot of water bottles to take to mountain. That's why there was a greater need for kit bags.

When all the stuff was done, I called all the friends at exactly 6 am so that we could reach our first stop before sunrise. Actually our journey was such that we wanted to reach the first hill for breakfast and arrange our lunch on the second hill stop that is "Anjeer Dara".

We rarely do programs where we rest at 2 stops and do our own camping, actually it's not easy to do and takes a lot of time. They take out all the stuff first like this for breakfast then prepare again for another lunch and leave again at second stop.

Our mountain journey was one such "Kotal" mountain we chose for breakfast and our second stop is "Anjeer Dara" which is about 1 hour journey from the first stop. It took us about an hour to reach the first stop and the same distance to reach the second mountain.


Well we left the center at 6 am which was pitch dark and all of us friends came out wearing kit bags. In winter, the sun rises late in the morning and it is also very cold. The birds were chirping and at the same time the bread shop where the bread was baked was also opening.

It is a great pleasure to walk in such a scene and be in the company of friends. Walking in groups we reached our destination after an hour where we started our camping and also got busy cooking breakfast. Our target was perfect as the sun started to rise as we reached our destination.

It was so cold that we all sat by the fire and waited for the sun to rise. As soon as the sun came out we all cheered and started enjoying the warmth of the sun. It took almost an hour to prepare breakfast until we friends had a good chat and at the same time we finished our breakfast as well.

Our breakfast cook is a sage who knows every art of life and knows how to do everything, even cooking different kind of foods. His name is Daulat and he is also expert in making the best tea for breakfast. This Baba is our best chef in every program.

The morning breakfast was made with the best omelette, butter and the best black tea. All of the friends were very hungry and made about 24 eggs which were all gone into stomach 🤣🤣. Actually, when a person climbs a mountain, he gets very hungry and because of hunger, everything that is on the plate is gone. 🤪

After breakfast I started taking pictures with my friend's camera. My friend is very rich and has the best high quality camera I asked him to bring his camera so I can take some pictures and share in #hive.

Meanwhile I made some pictures of breakfast time, friends, mountains and nature beauty. But unfortunately when I got home and wanted to take out the picture in my laptop. As soon as the memory card was inserted into the laptop, many photos were lost and I was shocked. Later it was found out that there was a virus attack due to which most of my photos were deleted.

Anyway I tried to recover more photos and was quite successful. I was very sad that my very good photos that I had taken were lost to me. But thankfully some of them were not deleted.


Anyway, our gathering at the top of the first mountain lasted till 11 o'clock and then we decided to proceed to the next peak. Because it is a long journey and it will take at least another hour to reach us.

Where I am taking you friends now is a fascinating and beautiful place whose picture has been shared with you. The name of this place is "Anjir Dara" and the beauty of the mountains is the best. All of the friends left for the second stop and reached there by around 12:15.

As soon as we reached there, Haji Baba started preparing the food and in the recipe we had Chicken Kadhahi which is an excellent and delicious dish of Kadhahi on the hills. On one side, food started to be prepared, on the other side, the friend's started playing with stones and fun started. We also took a football with us to maybe find a good place and play there.

For a long time we played with football. Where we camped, there was also a high stone located that was not easy to climb. The stone was estimated to be about 10 feet high. We friends made a bet to see who could climb this rock.

Climbing this rock was not an easy task but a hard and tricky. Only 6 of our friends could climb it and those who could not climb we asked them to get food in another program.

Anyway, a great time was had until our food was ready. Around 2 o'clock we started eating. Chicken Kadhahi which was very tasty and spicy. We all had a hearty meal, some of the photos of which have been shared with your friends.

We thought what to do after eating, so we thought to make some scenes of Manqbat Khwani. Which is like a song but it is a religious song. Some friends also sang Manqbat and had a lot of fun.


"Around 3 o'clock we thought to prepare to make evening tea. Actually evening tea is very good with milk and also good on mountains. But unfortunately we forgot to bring milk. Otherwise evening tea on the hills and with milk offers a distinct taste and appearance.

After all, without tea on the mountain is like that without sun the whole day. Luckily we had lemons left over and we made black tea that was heavily flavored with lemon.

It took us almost an hour to drink tea and we started to feel that it was getting colder and dark at the same time. We decided to start packing our things and slowly return home.

Around 4 PM we started back to first peak reaching "Kotal" around 5 PM. As soon as we reached there, we started descending without taking any rest. Around 6 o'clock we reached back to the center from where we left in the morning.

It was an adventure for me and I had a great time with friends. Such programs should be organized by us in every situation as it gives comfort to health and removes all the troubles of life.

Whenever I get tired of my life's work, I always go to the mountains and the beauty of nature. It removes all my troubles and I come back home refreshed. Doing this makes my heart want to work next week and that's good for me.

As we all know technology has progressed a lot and we are so busy that we can't take time out of our precious time for family and going out for fun. If we don't go for fun once in a month, it can be harmful for us and in that case we can suffer from psychosis.

Since this is the best expression of my story in the Post, I spent a good time in mountain valleys with friends and shared the whole story with you guys. I have tried to share the best photos from my gallery with you guys so that my hive friends will like it.

This is an attempt from my side to present to friends about my mountain trip or enjoy beautiful photos. At the same time, I have informed you about the different mountains and also discuss about different names of these mountains. I hope you find this content interesting and enjoyable. If you like the article, please leave your feedback in the comments section so that the next one can be even better. Thank you for sticking with me until the end.



REMEMBER: We should prepare for the unexpected and hope for the best. Life may not be easy, but you must do your best and leave the rest to God.


wow... Very amazing hike, you show some of the scenery that is around you, I must say that it was a very interesting trip, hope you have a great time there.

Yay! 🤗
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You got some excellent portraits in this trip!

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