Photography Lovers Community Curation - 04/16/2021

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Authored by @crazy-andy

Photography Lovers Community Curation

Hello Photography Lovers! Welcome to another curation report from the community. We are committed to curating the best photography content on the Hive BlockChain as well as fostering engagement within the community. Without you all this community would not be possible. In order to provide you with the highest quality experience, we are diligently seeking not just the best photography or photographers but the best content overall.

We will not be curating single-image posts, especially with little to no description. This community is focused on high-quality content which includes what surrounds the images you share here. If you only have one good image to post, you may consider saving it to put together with your next singles to create a more enriching post altogether. Quality over quantity will provide a more rewarding experience for the whole community in every sense.

After taking the time to curate the community we have found this week's selected posts. Take some time to visit this week's featured community members and engage in the posts. Keep up the great work for your chance to be in the next round of curation!

This Week's Curation Selections


PhotographerPost Link
@wnfdiaryMy Shipwreck shooting


PhotographerPost Link
@astinminUndulating meadows and fields - soft, gentle, and boring 😉


PhotographerPost Link
@a0iTurkish mosques on the first night of Ramadan


PhotographerPost Link
@desroVienna by night


PhotographerPost Link
@willsaldenoWatching the birds


PhotographerPost Link
@soulsdetourA Living Treasure


PhotographerPost Link
@silviamariaPhotos in the river and a dive into the world of NFTs


PhotographerPost Link
@barbara-orenyaRiding through savoyard countryside and vineyards


PhotographerPost Link
@fotostefScrappy brief


PhotographerPost Link
@fermentedphilThe Bride and Her Room, Dress and the Wedding Cake: The Last of the Coastal South African Wedding


PhotographerPost Link
@monster-oneMy addiction for macro photography. / Mi adicción por la macrofotografía.


PhotographerPost Link
@sulevToo many Ducks


PhotographerPost Link
@lighteyeMakeMeSmile – Springtime walk [eng/срп] Измами ми осмех – Пролећна шетња


PhotographerPost Link
@florian-glechnerSome experimental Photo Edit's


PhotographerPost Link
@saffisaraUpdate on the colored Tulips 🌷

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and honor the selections this week. To encourage Engagement we will also be curating the comments. For those actively communicating and adding meaningful input, we will be rewarding some with Engage tokens to be distributed within the Photography Lovers Community. Keep up the great content and great work!


Excellent photographic material, I really liked the colors of the last publication, it gives a sensation of a painting.

thank you so much for the mention! :D

Very welcome!

Thank you very much! What a nice surprise in the morning!

Over coffee, instead of reading disturbing news from the world, I will admire photos from your selection.

Better choice :)

Thank you very much for the mention, @badge-696969.

Thank you so much for the mention 🙏 honored to be among so many amazing photographers 🤗
Happy Friday!

Thanks for sharing

thank you very much for the feature and the curation ! 😍

Thanks for sharing such cool photos

Thank you very much for including me in these amazing works.

You are welcome. Thanks for sharing in the Photography Lovers Community

Thanks for the mention! <3

Thank you for your support, much appreciated!

No problem. Keep up the great work.

Sooo many amazing posts with amazing pictures!
Thank you for the opportunity to be one of them 😍 ❣️

What a great joy to be chosen by you. thanks for the support.

Very nice !!

Great selection

spectacular photographs, it is really impressive to see how beautiful nature is.

stellar selections.