A quiet morning stroll in the old town Annecy, France

In September last year, I went to the old town early in the morning to accompany a friend to a doctor's appointment.
she does not have a car so I offered to take her, and while she was at her appointment , I took the opportunity to stroll in the old town, and took some pictures that I share today with you


Those who know me well since these four years on the blockchain know that I live in an incredible city in France, which is in the middle of a green setting formed by mountains, and a lake that has the purest water in Europe 😁
And we also have this old town which makes our city a place also famous and nicknamed The Savoyard Venice because it is crossed by a canal.
The buildings are admirable, even if sometimes rather blackened by time, they are nonetheless a jewel of which we are very proud.




It's pretty hard to have footage without a crowd of people appearing on it, except of course during confinement where the streets were eerily deserted,
but there, it was between 8 and 9 in the morning, and the sun was starting to show over the facades, the narrow and picturesque streets were still practically deserted, and the calm reigned here, to my great pleasure.




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As I moved forward I knew that I would soon find some stalls with the beginning of the market which begins in the middle of the old town ...
but for the moment I was savoring these quiet moments and letting myself be lulled by this magnificent vision of the climb to the castle which was beginning to bathe in the sun ...





If you remember, I made a post recently on the castle with the sun rising through its huge door,

well it was that same day, 20 to 30 minutes earlier ^ _ ^


Sunrise on the castle



Then, I arrived where the market begins, and everything was still very calm,


the affluence would not start until half an hour to 45 minutes later,
leaving time for the sweet and beautiful life to flow in a quiet and nonchalant tempo ....





Doesn't that make you want to buy these beautiful vegetables bathed in the sweetness of a morning sun rising over the old town?.? 😉 😊


That's it Lovelies, I hope you have enjoyed this stroll among the narrow street of the old town Annecy... 😊

I wish you a wonderful week-end !




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Thank you so much @LivingUKTaiwan and @pinmapple ! 😊

I have fallen in love with this place. Your photos just brought them to life. Beautiful. I remember the castle post. Hope you didn't forget to find a way to photograph what's inside the castle 😊 Never seen one except in the movies.

Lovely post. Thanks for sharing.

Woww beautiful pictures.

I don't forget about the inside visit of the castle 😉 Thanks for your comment and appreciation @gems.and.cookies dragon_heart_joyful_day.png

Beautiful pictures dear 😍💙

You are welcome my dear ❤️

Dry beautiful and somehow magical place! Nice photos!

yep it has a lot of magic in it, indeed ;-)
Thank you @mdosev

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Thank you much @pinmapple 😊

What an amazing place! I can imagine I was there. Great photos 😍

Your pictures are beautiful as always. Its so strange seeing the streets so empty. It gives a much different look to the town. Very neat

You are right, it looks different when empty, and this is not often that we can see them quiet like that, they ususally are crowded indeed ! 😉
ty_l_phant.png @leaky20 😊

Early morning stroll through the old town taking one back in time, fresh produce still presented along the cobbled roads.

Graceful building showing their age, seeped in history with many tales to tell. Thoroughly enjoyed your early morning walk with sun starting to warm everyone up @barbara-orenya

Really happy you have enjoyed the stroll with me my dear ! elfe_joyeuse.png Thanks for your words and have a wonderful week-end !

Beauty beauty beautyyyy! Nice shootss

Every time I dream of a fairytale now, it is Annecy that I see! The narrow street and the curving of the doors in places. The village is so beautiful and you make it even better with your photography!!

Love this, my friend!