A Brief Recap Of 2023 - Part Four

Aiden and balloons

This is the last of my recap of model shoots taken during 2023. Creative make up shoots are perhaps my favourite thing to shoot. This shot of one of my favourite models - Aiden is from was taken in a space at my work place (in fact all of these are. The make up was created by Hayleigh who is super talented in my opinion.

Louise and smoke bomb

It had been raining during the painting of the models and for a good part of the shoot. But for a while the clouds broke and we were able to get out and play with smoke bombs. The model - Louise is also a very talented body painter but for this shoot she was painted by a talented lady called Micky

Ellie-Mae, painted

This shot of Ellie-Mae was the start of my creative make up series. I am already planning more for 2024. The make up was done by Hayleigh and this one blew me away.

Ellie-Mae on a child's tricycle

Another of Ellie-Mae, painted by Hayleigh making the most of the break in the weather. Apparently the models needed a couple of good baths to get all of the paint off. Oops!

halloween group-01.jpg
Ellie-Mae, Emma and Louise

This is a group shot of the models on our body paint shoot. From left to right, Ellie-Mae painted by Hayleigh, Emma painted by Helen and Louise painted by Micky.

Thanks for reading.


About me:

I can mostly be found shooting models, aviation, motorsports and, when I can, wildlife. But I enjoy most aspects of photography. You can find more of my work on the links below.


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