A Brief Recap Of 2023 - Part Three

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Amy raising a glass

Amy is such a fab model to work with. Always ready to crack a smile. And always so invested in every shoot. It was only around three years ago that I started working with her and she has gone from a decent model to one in a league of her own. She doesn't shoot quite as frequently now, but it seems that whoever she works with, they always get some epic shots. The series this shot came from was from a shoot in a studio in Leeds, and was a pre birthday themed shoot. Needless to say, she totally smashed it.

Joe lifting weights

This shoot with Joe was at the same time as the one with Amy (above). Not only was it my first time working with him, but it was also his first "proper" shoot. He works out frequently so we thought it would make for a good shoot. And he handled it perfectly. I really need to get another shoot sorted with him next year.

Lauren braving the elements

Lauren is another model that I have only known for a relatively short time just a couple of years. But I would pretty much drop everything to shoot with her. She has become a very popular model with photographers in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and beyond. She just has the right attitude. And having fun is part of that attitude. But attitude can only carry you so far and what helps to make Lauren so popular is her talent. She models beautifully and seems to push herself on every shoot.


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Excellent work as always matey, I'm just about to do a 2023 recap myself.

@darrenflinders cheers matey. Will look forward to seeing yours. You've posted some crackers this year mate

Cheers matey, was hoping to get a few more in, but doubt I'll get owt until the new year now.

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Thank you @ackhoo and @qurator Always very much appreciated

Three totally different shoots, but all 3 perfect in my opinion :)

You are much too kind @erikah Your support is always gratefully received, thank you

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Awesome shot's, job well done.