Its Not Spock, But Still A Vulcan

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The howl

When I was growing up (a long, long time ago) I lived under one of the flight paths from RAF Waddington. At that time, the station was home to squadrons of Avro Vulcans - delta winged strategic bombers. Virtually every day Vulcans would fly right over our house. They are loud. And have a howl when taking off, or climbing steeply. The howl could be heard from my bedroom five miles away. As could running the engines.

vulcan 002.jpg

The flight path was straight over Lincoln, I doubt that would be allowed these days. But I basically grew up with them. The images here all show XH558 - Spirit of Great Britain at the last ever RAF Wadding Airshow in 2014. It's display was really something to see, and given the size of the aircraft, it manoeuvred surprisingly well. Always of course accompanied by that howl.

vulcan 006.jpg
Ready for take off

Her final flight was on 28th October 2015. A brief display before she flew in to Doncaster Airport, which was to be her future home. I managed to see her a few time between the Waddington Airshow and her retirement. The most memorable being when she flew in formation with two Avro Lancasters. 2014 was a good year for watching historic aircraft as this was the year that the Canadian Lancaster made the trip across the Atlantic. And joined with the English Lanc for a summer of fabulous displays.

vulcan 005.jpg
Bomb doors open

It is always sad when an iconic aircraft is decommissioned, but technology moves forward and it starts costing more and more money to keep these old birds flying. Sad, but some current aircraft, I'm sure, will be just as iconic.


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That howl only the vulcan does, brilliant stuff.