One of my last milky way images for the year

Hey everyone!

I still can't believe how quickly this year has gone!

While summer is definitely my favourite season, I do miss being able to capture the milky way, especially when we have so many clear nights over summer.

This was the second last milky way image I created for the year and was one that I was wanting to capture all year!

I headed down to the coast very late one night to get this, this image was taken at about 12:45am and it was a little nerve wracking being out here by myself.

I was walking into this spot (no real track, and while by myself) I saw some eyes reflecting in my torch, and I could not work out what it was. As I keep walking it scurries off, so my best guess is that it was a wild cat! Definitely scary when I am out there alone, thats for sure!

I was really happy with this shot, and you can actually see a small amount of the milky way to the left!

I still don't know how to use my star tracker quite right, so this image is made up of 25 images stacked for the sky and a single foreground image to reduce noise and get the most detail possible.


I hope you enjoy this image, and if you would like to see some more of my images feel free to follow along!

Thanks for reading!


I always want to curate and feature your photography in the community posts... but we don't curate single image posts! You have some spectacular photos. As a suggestion, start adding two or more images to get featured more often. Keep up the great work!

Thank you. I’ll start to add some more images within my posts :)

I’m also planning on making some wrap-up posts with all of my Astro shots for the year etc so that should be good.

All your shots have been excellent, and i have hated having to pass some of them over due to just a single (badass) image. It's totally up to you how you want to compose your content. Looking forward to seeing the Astro shots! Those are usually some of my favs.

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