Bharatanatyam Dancer Sreejaya Nair


Bharatanatyam Dancer Sreejaya Nair had recently performed at Bangalore's Seva Sadan Auditorium. The show was organized by (Ananya Bangalore](, a non-profit that promotes arts.



Sreejaya Nair is also actress with numerous films in her credit.


[All photos are taken with a Nikon Z9 with a 24-70 at various ISOs and a constant 2.8f aperture ]

Another performance on the same day is here Mohiniyattam performance by Thomas Vo Van Tao


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The talents of the best dancers never run out of your country.
Has the dance academy there been hereditary, Mr @bobinson?

Yea, there are lot of dancers who are highly talented.

The dance academies are not always run by the same family AFIK. There are dance families for whom the art is taught from generation to generation and there are individuals who learn from other places. --> This is an example of a University dedicated to the traditional dance forms.

She is taking after Aaliya Bhut or at least this what I felt.
Hope you had a good time there


btw The dancer is much more older than Alia Bhat. Apparently the dancer was in movies 1 year before Alia Bhat was born

Lolol. The dancers remain active and look younger, don't they. For example: Madhuri... she looks as young still as she was in devdaas

Agree. Good exercise keeps one healthy :-)

True 🙂

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