Rituals in tones of grey.

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Just thought of trying monochrome with the vibrant theyyam shots.

Mostly the theyyam shots are loud and vibrant with all the action, music is sometimes the fire.

What if we see everything in black and white ?

Here is a series







Details: All photos shot with a Nikon Z9 and the ISO and shutter is very high to capture the action. The only lights source in all the photos is the fire pit prepared for the ritual.

The photos are from 3 different events. Though they are all from the same "Theyyam" or same deity's worship.


That looks really beautiful thanks for sharing.

thanks @bhattg

You are welcome sir have a great day and week ahead 😊 🙏

Yay! 🤗
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Thanks for browsing my work. Your pictures are amazing. I like how we can learn about other cultures visually. Documentary photography is one of my favorite types of photography

Thanks for your visit and nice comments.