Thira - ritual

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Thira is a ritual art common in the Kozhikode region in Kerala, India.


Unlike Theyyam, this ritual's face painting is not highly details.


The ritual includes fire "dance" like performances as shown in the first photograph. Needless to say these events happen late in the night - this one for example was at 3 am.


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Debe de haber sido muy interesante estar ahí

yes, it was a very interesting to be there. Thanks for the visit.

Must be a great attraction for tourists and locals alike. I have been wanting to go for the theyam festival for years but I am not a crowd person.
This one looks very similar. I guess I need to make one trip at least to see such fancy fire dances.

This ritual is very similar to Theyyam. Also Theyyams are not very crowded as they mostly happen in small courtyards next to homes in most cases. There are big ones with large crowd but many of them are often small with say 50 - 100 people attending.

Hmm.. my friend attended one in Trissur and told me it was terribly crowded, I guess I need to check around and make plans.
Thanks for the info.

So the festival in Thrissur is a very different affair. Theyyam's are not temple festivals but they are from an older time when the religion perhaps didn't exist. Anway they are in the northern part of Kerala and very different from Thrissur pooram. This festival in Thrissur is very crowded - not just human aspect but with 100 elephants its a different story.

Looks awesome ...

thanks for the visit and comment