When the God Visits you ...

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Theyyam aka God is the name of the ritual performed in the Northern parts of Kerala, India & as the name indicates, this is when the God visits the believers.

The ritual is characterized by intricated face paintings, large crowns and in many cases the performer uses fire in various means.

In this series, we have "Thottinkara Bhagavathi" a female deity:


The crown is made of tender coconut leaves and cloth:



The performer has fire on top of the crown and infront of him:



The next to pics are self explanatory ....



That looks like an awesome subject to photograph. Also very difficult in the dark like that. You did good here 👍

Thanks for the kind words @haastrecht :-)

The theyyam rituals are awesome events to photograph. The night ones like this particular one is tricky because of extreme low light. This particular one had the challenge of fluorescent tube lights in almost every angle and most of the effort was to avoid them.

Some photos from another event (ritual) by a friend is here https://peakd.com/hive-121296/@jepinkrishna/pookutti-sasthappan-theyyam

thanks again

Beautifully documented! 📸👍

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Is this event specific to Kerala or is it celebrated all over India?

Kerala and northern Karnataka along the Sea shore has variants of the ritual. In Kerala they are known as Theyyam and in Northern Karnakata as daivakola and I think bhoothakkola in certain cases. ( I am not sure about the rituals in Karnantaka and their names.) AFIK the ritual is only there in this part of the country/world.

India is so big and so diverse with innumerable rituals. I think people at every area has something different to share

Yea, its true.

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