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RE: I hope you aren't tired of rainforests yet!

in Photography Lovers4 months ago

Who could get tired of shots like these? hahaha I love the Wooly Mammoth one and the Autumnal Beauty. I also like that you name the shots so it makes it easier to reference! hahaha Keep up the great work.


Glad to hear!!

Also glad you appreciate the naming. I used to leave a lot of images unnamed, but then I realized how difficult it was to keep track of.... lol

Right... it's always funny when someone has a post with like 30 photos and people are like .... my favorite is number 18. hahaha

Yeah you have to manually count them lol. Or someone wants to buy a print and they have to link it or describe it haha

True facts! Plus names have meaning. Thanks for adding value by adding meaning! (not just a feature of not having to count!) hahaha