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RE: Killerwhales!!

This is an experience of a lifetime! The way you describe it makes me feel like I was almost there. What an amazing sight. I love the photo of the two of them poking their heads above the water surface in unison.

Couldn't agree more that there is no place for such wildlife in tanks, for the enjoyment of humans. It breaks my heart to think about it...


Thanks so much Cath, that is a big compliment!! It was such an incredible experience. At one point, I didn't know where to look. There was so much going on!

No it is really sad, but I think the power is with us. If we're not buying tickets anymore it'll die out eventually. This is happening with the Dolphinarium in the Netherlands already! They are at the brink of bankruptcy.

It must have been absolutely mind-blowing. It's a great post. :)

I really hope that you're right about the tanks. 🤞