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As I told earlier my conjoined Amsterdam/Lisbon holiday got kinda ruined because I got covid from Amsterdam during HiveFest. Wouldn't been big of a deal for me, but our supposed hosts didn't want to have a covid patient in their apartment. So we had to improvise and decided to make it a beach holiday.

Improvising isn't a big deal for me, but for @rrusina it was a bummer, because she really wanted to see her friend and her dogs. Luckily though I got better from covid in a few day so we were able to spend few days in Lisbon, too, at our hosts.

So, here's a few shots from Fonte da Telha, improvised beach holiday.





Fonte da Telha is south of Lisbon and it's a traditional fishing village. The cool thing is that during the day you'll se the fishermen work on the same beach where people sunbathe. The whole coastal area is actually a one continuous beach. Not a lot of tourists there so the beach is clean.

Only con was that the level of customer service wasn't too high, especially in a particular cafe/restaurant. For example, I asked if they have omelette. And the guy flat out answered "no". I was pretty sure what they had in the menu was omelette. Even more odd is that omelette in portugese is "omelete", so shouldn't be too hard to understand. 5 minutes later I see bacon and and eggs on someone's plate. I don't usually complain – and this is not a complaint either, more of an observation – but it felt like they didn't really care to understand a foreigner. And you know, I definitely would've liked my morning eggs... Might be a cultural thing or just that it was a more remote place or just bad luck that the staff was such. But I did get my eggs on top of a stake later, so not too bad. It's apparently some portugese thing. Does keep you satiated with the amount of protein.


One day we made a walk to the cliffs and herein these pictures you can see what I was talking about: it is a one continuous dozens of kilometers long beach the shape of a crescent. In the above is the view to the south and in the bottom picture is a view towards north. I read online that there used to be a small coastal train going back and forth along the beach. Too bad it was discontinued in 2020, probably because of covid, would've been fun to hop on to that.



One big pro with Portugal, or at least with Lisbon area, is that taxi apps (Freenow, Bolt what I used) are dirt cheap and legit cheaper than public transportation if there's at least two people going with a ride. Going to Fonte da Telha, it cost under 30€, which for a 50 min ride is really not much.



Ah, tudo bem? super cool area you have chosen out too stay. Its lovely there. Hope you had a great time here. :)

Ah, tudo bem?

I'm fully recovered, thanks :)


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