First Post and introduction~

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Hello New friends! My name is Dan Hawk and I'm excited to finally be getting started here. Thanks to my friends @caseygrimley @intrepidphotos and @tristan.todd for all the help with getting things set up!

Badlands Approach.jpg

I live in Portland Oregon with my wife, 3 teenager (actually one is off at college) and 2 dogs. I'm a commercial freelance photographer and I'm the PNW Tech rep for Sony Alpha cameras.

Here in Northern Oregon it's green and verdant, but I love the desert so I share a lot of imagery from arid places. That said, I'm also a big fan of the coastal areas here in Oregon and spend a pretty good amount of time chasing epic light and wild conditions.
In Search of the Master.jpg

I'm really looking forward to connecting, talking art with you and being part of the community!

Dan Landscape photo bio.jpg

My Bio photo here taken by my good friend Josh Paris, a frequent adventure shooting partner!


Hey Dan, glad to see you on here! Love those images as well. Was the seascape taken on the Oregon coast?

It sure was! it's near Neakhanie Mountain. Just a little North of Manzanita.

Hey Dan, welcome to Give! Can't wait to see more of your photography!

Thank you so much Casey! Looking forward to it!

Welcome, @tristan.todd doing some great work introducing more photographers to the ecosystem, nice!

I'm gonna give @intrepidphotos the majority of the credit for this one! Haha

Thank you so much! Good dude indeed

Epic to see you here mate. A long form format where you can share a bit more deeply than over on the blue bird.

Yup, liking the longer format for sure. I used to blog quite a bit on my website It's kinda buried, but this has kinda got me motivated to dig in a little bit.

Welcome to Hive! Have fun!

Welcome Dan, amazing photography dude!

Hey, I so appreciate that!

Welcome to the HIVE 🐝 ❤ @danhawk!
Gorgeous photography! I look forward to seeing more! :-)

So appreciative of you!

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Welcome to Hive, Dan! Glad to see you here!

Hey, thanks! Glad to be here.

Welcome to Hive.
This rabbit hole is so huge, you will be amazed!

I am from the Philippines.

OH thanks! I'm finding my way around, but yeah, lots to see.

Welcome aboard. Really nice shots. Also a Sony fan (A7RIV). Looking forward to more of your shots!

Thanks! I'm going around showing off the new A7RV the next few weeks!

Welcome to the community and it is a TRUE pleasure to meet you Dan! Your photos are stunning and I can't wait to see more.

So appreciate that! Thanks!

Hey brother, glad to visit you on photography here! Love those images as well. Was the seascape taken on the Oregon coast?

Go ahead.

Thanks! Yup that was is from the North Oregon coast.

Welcome sir, another reliable photographer comes here, it is an honor for me to look forward to your work

Oh, so appreciate that! Thanks!

With pleasure, sir,

I wish you peace and success always

Wow - Incredible Photography. Welcome to Hive.

Loving the warm welcome. Thanks!

Hi Dan! Welcome to Hive! I hope you'll have fun here.

I so appreciate that!

Welcome here Dan! I'll be waiting for more photos<3

Awesome! I'll keep 'em coming!

You are welcome on hive...


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Thanks! glad to be here!

Hello Dan, i hope you are enjoying your stay here.
Welcome on have taken beautiful pictures here.. keep it up

Oh I so appreciate it!

Beautiful shots Dan! Awesome to see you over on Hive and great to connect here :)

Thanks Vince! glad to be here too

Welcome to the community of hive!! with that level of photography you will do absolutely good in here!

Oh man, thanks for the kind words!

Welcome on Hive and best greetings from Austria!

Thank you so much!

Welcome to this amazing community!
I can't wait to see your work:)

So grateful for the welcome!

Hey Dan!

Welcome to the family! Your photos of the Neakhanie Mountain area are spectacular.

Lots of helpful folks around here; don't be afraid to post questions publicly or DM.

People use Discord a lot too.

Thanks Alex! I'm super grateful for the kind words! Since you recognize the area I'm guessing you've been there or live near here?

Not at all! I read it in the comments. I'd love to visit some day; maybe after a huge bull run :)

Welcome to Hive Dan! Been following you on Twitter for ages and am looking forward to seeing more of your work!

Ben, so appreciate that! Thanks for saying hi!

Great to see you here Dan, I sure do love your work! Welcome to the wonderful Hive community!

Thanks Jess! I'm a fan of what you do too!

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Have a great day!

Wow! Amazing nature

I'm very interested in touring around beautiful places,I hope I get to see pictures of wonderful regions.
Welcome on board

Dan! You're here! Welcome to Hive and I can't wait to see more!

hey Kieran! I'm pretty excited to be here for sure!

Welcome to the community Dan
It will be awesome to see more of your work...

@intrepidphotos delighted the blockchain with his pictures for quite a few years now, so I'm really happy to see him convincing more talented people to join Hive. Welcome abroad! :)

Not surprising at all, Rob is a solid dude.

Welcome to Hive! Followed!

Welcome 👋👋

Welcome to Hive, Dan :)

Some stunning terrain you have up there and you do it justice.

Marvelous shots! 💥

Hello Dan, welcome to Hive. I hope to see your nice photos soon :)

Oh my god those waves lashing against the rocks, magnificent picture.
By the way, welcome
I'm from Spain and I've been to Oregon twice, but way too brief. So much left to see.

Bienvenido Dan, las fotos están súper