Photo Fridays - Have some photo fun and have a shot at winning 10 Hive! "T"

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Hi friends of D.Buzz 😃.

Good Friday to all of you who are there once again waiting to participate in our classic weekend game. As always, here is your friend @lauramica bringing the summary of the beloved Photo Contest ❣️. Step by step we are getting closer to the end and I thank everyone who joined to play with us 😀.

As a reminder for all the friends of D.Buzz, the goal of this challenge is week by week to share at least two photos of things that start with the letters of the alphabet. These "things" can be anything: objects, places, or even something abstract. The idea is that it begins with the letter proposed that week, always in English, please. And of course, have fun and build bonds with the users who have also joined this challenge 😘. Everyone is invited to participate!

This time in the Friday Photo Challenge we gave place to the letter S and several S-things appeared: sweets, smiles, seashore, sales, sleeping, statues... I think you do better each time than the previous one, you put creativity to the Photo Contest and it's great 😃.

In the week of the letter S, our prize goes to our friend @ansoe! This user shared with us some Shields of Sea Scallops, in some very nice photographs where you can see how wonderful and perfect nature is with each of its creations ❣️.

Did you know that sea scallops reproduce asexually? Each of these animals have both gametes necessary to have their babies independently and do so mainly in hot climates. Now it makes sense that there are so many of their shells on the sea coast, a must-have for every walk on the beach 😅.

Congratulations @ansoe on being the S letter week winner ❤️!

If you want to visit this post, you can do it here 😃.

Having said all this, it's time to start the new week of this challenge and it's the turn of the letter T 😀. Week by week we will be advancing with the rest of the alphabet until we complete it, but now it is time to find some things that start with T. As an inspiration for you, I will leave some suggestions here: tomato, tea, tiger, treasure, time, travel , telephone, t-shirts... Be creative and original in your posts 😏😏😏 Good luck to everyone!

❗️ ❗️ ❗️ Kind reminder: make sure you complete all the conditions for your post to be eligible for this prize, all the requirements will be verified when choosing the winner. The post must be published through the D.Buzz interface. Don't forget to leave the link of your participation in this post and if you participate very early in the game, check back a couple of days later to find more people who have also joined! 😃

Conditions of the challenge

  • In a post on D.Buzz, share with us at least two images that show us what you want starting with the letter T. Put together your post in the most attractive way possible!

  • Tag that post with #dbuzzphotochallenge.

  • Post a D.Buzz link in a comment below.

  • Interact with at least two users who are also participating in this challenge.

  • You have 6 days to upload and share your entry.


  • The prize is 10 HIVES for the best entry.

The main objective of this challenge is that you have fun sharing the images you like and make new friends. Let's see what T-things show up this week 🙂.

Thank you for joining the Friday Photo Contest and I wish you all a great weekend 😃!


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thanx to @surfgrrl who invitited me to this game, I am already thinking about the T-stuff to present 💗

Hehe, thanks. Sometimes you just melt my heart with your amazingly kind words. Btw you're welcome! 😄😊🙂

Posted via D.Buzz

That's great! Glad you joined :D

I hope T would not be the last round I take part. How do you like my Rexie?.. 😉

Thank you for choosing my post. I am very happy that my photo was chosen. I don't expect to be selected. Special thanks to D.Buzz Team.

Congratulations! 😊

Thank you very much

You are welcome! Congratulations and thank you for participating in this Photo Challenge ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

Congratulations @ansoe! I saw your participation and I knew you were going to win! Your find was very nice and your Buzz was put together very nicely. Cheers! 😀

Thank you for you comment. 🥰

Congratulations @ansoe.

Another interesting week with letter T. Gonna find an entry for it.

Thank you so much.

You're welcome!😊

Woo-hoo 😀❤️

Hi @dbuzz! Here's my entry for Photo Friday 😊

Congratulations @ansoe - nice photos

Thank a lot.

Hello and this is my entry for T, thank you :)

:) Congrats to ansoe!

Here we go again..

Yay for the letter 'T'. Here's mine
Thank you!

Thank you very much for participating in the contest! However, one of the requirements is to post through the interface and this post does not meet that. Sorry :/

But no problem, we'll be waiting for you in the next round ;) Thank you!

Here is my entry post for this week. Thanks!