Fun night of questing with the family

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Near the Evermore church and cemetery
Our kids are getting too big
Just hangin with my bestie
The mad scientist and mayor of Evermore
Our daughter and her boyfriend in the stocks
This is where the kids harness their sword skills for battle
Such a cool village
Tunnel of lanterns
Fritz the mayor's son. For one of the quests, we had to try and convince the mayor to let Fritz have a pet cat, but we found out that Fritz always squishes them with his strong robot hands.

Last night, we went to Evermore and had an amazing time. It was the first time in a few years that our son was able to come with us. Lore, which is their Halloween theme, just started and it is our favorite time of year to visit Evermore.

With Lore, the setting in Evermore is a lot more spooky and they have a pretty cool haunted village that you can walk through. It wasn't that crowded when we went, which was pretty cool, but there didn't seem to be as many workers in the park either. Hopefully this place hasn't been losing too much money with Covid and the rising inflation because it is super fun to bring the family here for a fun night of adventures.

Speaking of adventures, we spent the first couple hours walking around trying to get the new layout and figure out where the different factions are located. We wanted to do the quests for the Coven guild, which is the witches, but we got side tracked by some of the shops and getting food. So by the time that we were done eating and looking at all the different shops, our scheduled time for the haunt was up. It is cool that you have to sign up for times for the haunt because the past couple years we spent so much time waiting in line for the haunt, so that actually saved us quite a bit of time.

I think we are going to try and go at least one more time during the Halloween season. We are going to go during their Christmas event that is called Aurora and it sounds really cool. They have ice skating, lights all over and a whole new quest line for that season. We have never been to Aurora before because it is always so cold, but this year we are going to have to brave the cold and go.

While we were there last night, we did about 5 quests and got a pocket full of gold that we have to trade for different trinkets and stuff. I need to get a little pouch to hold all of the gold so we can keep it all in one place for when we return so that we aren't starting over each time. Hopefully next time we don't get too side tracked with little quests so we can actually join one of the guilds.

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Wow, man, this place looks really fun. I love that they have games.
And my favorite couple is there. I hope you have more fun next time you go!

It's a lot of fun. We are already planning our next visit and what we are going to wear. It would be cool to dress up like this and be part of the witches guild.


Oh my God! This is gonna be really great. I can't imagine looking like this. You'll look so much better with your beard. I can't wait to read that post.

Hopefully I can find a costume like this that isn't too expensive. The makeup will take forever too. It will be fun to do this but I am not sure if it will happen.

This makeup will really take a lot of time but it will look perfect when it's done. I hope it will happen.

I'm very happy to see a happy family, even though I can't be like that

Sure you can.

Nice outing mate!, the shots are nice and shows you really had a good day out there

Thank you. We had a great time. It was good to go out as a family again.

The shot is perfect, I really like your photographic work

Success is always for you

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It was a ton of fun.

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