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The Gateway Mall in downtown Salt Lake City has some really cool architecture and design elements to it. Outside of the movie theater, it has a Brady Bunch feel from the 70s and a futuristic look that reminds me of The Jetsons.

I have never really enjoyed being in Salt Lake City, but recently, I have been impressed with a lot of the buildings there and I have been wondering what it would like to live downtown in a city like this. One thing that I liked when I was walking around taking these images is that there is so much within walking distance, that you really wouldn't need to drive so much. Plus with the electric scooters and other ways to easily get around, it would be pretty cool to go zipping around the city on a scooter.

The major downside to living in this area is that there are a lot of homeless here in these couple blocks. The downtown area has really been gentrified and there are so many really expensive buildings next to run down buildings and homeless. It is just a matter of time until most of the lower income people in the city get pushed out and have nowhere to live. It is pretty sad when you stop and think about it and I can't help to think that a lot of the people buying up this property so cheap had it planned all along to let this area get so run down so they can snag up cheap properties and charge top dollar for them.

I don't think I would ever move to a city like this and live. I like my privacy too much and I really don't like being around people, but it would be cool to stay downtown for a few days to get the feel of city life. For me though, I prefer a nice laid back suburban life. Hopefully one day I can buy up a lot of land in the forest and just live in a cabin along the river or on the lake. That is the dream.

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It is also my dream to live in a suburb one day. By a river or a lake. It really feels good sometimes to be away from all the noise of the city.

As for the photos, they are great as always. Especially the gratifies on the walls are great.

Hopefully you can live that dream one day.

Hopefully we can both live our dream one day my maaaan.

I also have the desire to buy and live a garden away from people. There is even a Turkish movie about this subject, I recommend you to watch it. His name is "The Mandira Philosopher"

Is the figure in the middle of the last picture Maradona? Very similar :)

I will have to see if I can find that movie somewhere. I have no idea who the person in the middle of that photo is

The movie is voiced in Turkish. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the English subtitles. Maybe this link will be of use to you. good day 🙂

It looks so completely empty of people?

but really great picture :)

I got there pretty early in the morning before the crowds showed up.

Beautiful cloudy-sky. Excellent photography you are great photographer man 😍😍

waooo, that is awesome and you have given it some nice shots.

Wow!!!! It's very beautiful photos

Your photo looks unreal. So beautiful

Thanks homie

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Thanks. No I didn't edit the clouds. I took bracketed photos and merged them in Lightroom to get more dynamic range though