Nature... My Son is the Photographer Now.

My Son is the Photographer Now.

Every so often I try to teach my son some of the activities I have learned, with some he shows more interest and with others not so much... Let's say he is not very fond of photography but sporadically I give him the camera and try to get him to take some shots.

Looking at what you have captured with the camera is a unique sense of satisfaction, perhaps because it is something that most of the time are scenes that our own eyes cannot see.

You can begin to understand light, focus points, angles and get a brief idea of what to do with the camera.


We were at the viewpoint in the city of Villa Carlos Paz in the province of Cordoba and I left him for a few minutes to explore his surroundings and be inspired by what he was looking at from that point.


At that time the camera had the 55-200mm lens and with some prior instructions on how to use it in manual mode, it started taking pictures.

These were some or most of the pictures my son took.

DSC_0884 (1).jpg

This is one of my favorites, I think you did a good close up, there is good focus and a nice light flare on the left side while you can see on the right side some shadows as well.

DSC_0881 (3).jpg

We had a great view, we could see almost the whole city from the heights, I really thought he was going to focus on it but he turned around and started taking pictures of the plants.

I think he is very attracted to nature in the photographic realm as well, in fact he loves nature as a whole.

DSC_0886 (2).jpg

After seeing these shots I think about what he could do with a macro lens, I would probably have to buy his own camera 😅

DSC_0877 (2).jpg

Doing this kind of thing is great, I like to incorporate my knowledge into it without imposing it.

I think that if you take photos more often you might awaken some passion for this, so your compositions would improve.

DSC_0878 (4).jpg

DSC_0873 (1).jpg

Although for these last photos I found it very complicated, touching the buttons on the camera and setting what he thought was correct.

After looking at all the photos, I obviously gave him some tips.

DSC_0866 (1).jpg

Here we have a different photo, All the vegetation of one of the mountains that was near us.


And by chance we found a stick insect, this time it was very difficult for him to take these photos and he set the camera to automatic mode... he was in a hurry 😅

DSC_0941 (1).jpg

What an interesting species of insects, we really need a macro lens, with each passing day these types of shots catch my attention more.

Any advice on what macro lens I should buy to start?


To finish I leave you these last shots, while a butterfly posed on this flower.

I hope you enjoyed these photos, I finally gave it a touch of editing in Lightroom. Have a great day ✨📸



That's all, friends! Thanks for stopping by and appreciating.


Camera: Nikon D3400 | Lens: AF-S DX NIKKOR 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED

"Photography is a universal language that transcends the barriers of culture and time." Fan-Ho.


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Y tiene talento porque las tomas no solo son de Calidad por el equipo, realmente transmiten una emoción y sensación al ver cada belleza. El animalito me llevo a mi infancia, cuántos recuerdos en solo una imagen.
Felicitaciones por apoyarlo

Hopefully your son can get more interested in photography later because these shots are really good!

I hope so! He is very intelligent and creative, let's see what shots he can do next time 🥰 Thank you for your nice comment ✨

Excelente post, todo lo que se hace que involucre a un hijo, se califica de excelente, eso siempre se hace con amor, no leí el contenido, no soy muy bueno en inglés, pero si las fotos las hizo el niño, es mejor fotógrafo que el padre 🤭🤭😁, buen post, sigue compartiendo contenido como este, para mí son especiales, será por qué tengo un hijo también de la misma edad. Saludos

El es muy creativo en las cosas que hace tanto que hasta me superó en la fotografía 😂😂 Gracias mi amigo por esas palabras, veamos que sigue. Espero seguir compartiendo estos momentos con el.

Great, it's the best way for me to learn. No pressure. Pure inspiration! The stick insect, wow, I loved it.

Thanks, dear! That's right, no pressure and actually more fun :) I really appreciate your comment 🥰🥰

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Thanks for the support :)

These photo shots are gorgeous

Thanks a lot my friend 🙂

Guau! Entiendo completamente esa sensación de querer enseñarle a alguien o mostrarle algo a una persona que a ti te encanta, quieres ver esa misma emoción en su rostro por mi parte mi padre en su momento me inculco cosas de navegación, el queria que me dedique a algo de esa rama pero nunca me intereso, lo bueno es que aunque le costo supo aceptarlo y dejarme seguir mi camino pero no dudo que es importante enseñarle lo que uno sabe a sus hijos.

Claro que sí hermano, es como mostrarles una puerta o varias incluso, después dependerá de ellos si sienten afinidad por eso o no. De igual forma no está demás aprender cosas 😁