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Either martens, or ermines, or ferret (Mustelidae) is a family of mammals of a number of predatory.

It is one of the richest species of mammal families. Mustel formed about 40 million years ago.

Mustels include martens, minks, otters, badgers, ferrets and similar animals.


As a result of persecution by humans, in a number of places, mustels have significantly reduced their numbers and reduced their ranges or disappeared altogether. Approximately 38% of the species of this family are listed in the International Red Book (on average, this figure for mammals is 15%).


Mustelov are very widespread. They are absent only in Antarctica, the Falkland and Galapagos Islands, the island of Madagascar, Iceland and some islands of the West Indies, the Arctic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.
Imported to Australia and New Zealand.

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Гарні фото, що за камера? Лілії ще не зацвіли?

Я взагалі , що ці квіти там є , лише в тебе на фото побачила 😂
В минулому році.
Була здивована, що не звертала на них уваги. Тому намагалась їх побачити. І не знайшла.

На телефон знімала 🤣
Модель можу написати якщо потрібна ця інфа.
Він наступний в списку «оновлення ПЗ не підписується вашим мобільним телефоном» тому модель вже не актуальна…

Nice image capture.

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Great shooting. The beast did not suspect that he was being photographed))

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