Sublime Sunday in the Beautiful Fields of Potatoes

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Hi hive friends.

This post is for #SublimeSunday is inspired by @c0ff33a and #BeautifulSunday is initiated by @ace108.

Then it was Sunday, which means the day of wandering, so in the morning I was a bit busy, there were two or three household chores, and the time had passed to do them, so I made up my mind to go to a beautiful place in the evening. called his friend, he had seen this place before,

So he said that there are beautiful gardens here and there is also a crop of aloes, so we can see many special things here and we saw a lot of things. We will also get to learn, so we left home at about three o'clock and we reached this place half an hour later. On our way here, we saw that people were feeding their cows etc. with grass etc.

There were two or three types of cows here, these two types of cows give milk and only their milk is supplied in the whole city and the people of the city come from here and some people take milk and go.

Some people have gone here and set up shops in the city and sell milk daily in the morning and evening and they are doing good business there because drinking milk is good for the health of all of us. But don't drink in such a large amount because it is too much in it, so it can give us a little pain, so we must drink a glass a day.

The good thing for the people living here in the villages is that here they also get free vegetables and the best thing is that they get fresh vegetables which are good for their health. When it goes inside the city, it stays inside the market for two or three days, it does not taste good at all, but these vendors sell it to other people.

The good thing was that the way winters are going on in every country, it has also been cold here in our country and when we left, the weather was very good, there were clouds in some places and the sun was also visible. This kind of view is very beautiful. You can see in these pictures that very much.

There were black clouds, the sky was hidden inside them, in some places we could see the sun, these things are very much, whenever such things are seen, it is very beautiful, so seeing all these things, we they also became very happy and our mood also became very happy.

There were more than 40 cows here and they belonged to these two people and they work hard and serve them all year long, they move them around and then at the end they sell them inside the market.

He has good profit and he drinks and sells his own milk throughout the year, so this is a good business to be done here and he is very fond of taking pictures like you all. People know that wherever we go, we must take pictures of it.

This village was just above the road. We went down a little bit and we saw all these beautiful sights. But here we were seeing other things that the road was going to be built here and all the people.

They came here to work and whenever there are projects like this, they try to get more people to complete it quickly so that the people passing by here don't have a problem and the road is built quickly.

Here again we went a little further and there were plants of different types and colors and it presented a very beautiful view and we were looking far and wide, we could see the village itself.

We stood and looked at the view for a while and felt very relaxed because the weather was also very nice and there was a cold wind blowing. If it's too much then it's a bit of a problem, but traveling in such weather has its own fun.

This village was so old while walking around here we saw a very deep well, so when we asked the people sitting there about it, they said that it is very old and when there is no motor here. It used to be that there was no development, so people used to draw water from the well and drink it, so this sign was still there, so this man told us the whole story of this place, when there was no water here.

He was old, so he has been living his life inside these villages for a long time, so he told many other things, first there used to be a forest, wild animals used to live here, then slowly a road was built here. And when progress was made, then the animals that were there had left here.

They had grown a little, then there was a crop of owls. As you can see, this crop was very beautiful, and this man used to come here every day and give it water on time, and the owls etc. When all the things were cooked, he would take them out from the soil and then pack them in sacks and hand them over to the owner,

Because this person was employed here and this field belonged to the person. He used to give him daily money and then when this crop was finished, another crop was planted here, and in the same way, the same thing was planted here throughout the year, whatever was in season.

I hope you all liked these places and you also enjoyed seeing all these beautiful places, the two or three hours we had here was very good and we learned a lot. There was also learning. Sunday In the same way we find a beautiful village and spend two or three hours there meeting the people and trying to know about their lives whether the urban people is living a good life or the village people.

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You're welcome @djbravo! Have a nice day 😊👍

The cows are so big and Health,
Thanks for sharing

Thanks alot.

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What a delightful journey through the beautiful potato fields! The charm of the countryside, the cows, and the village life shines through your narrative and captivating pictures. It's heartening to see the hardworking individuals, their dedication to their work, and the beauty of the changing seasons.

Yeah brother always best time in the village areas. Thanks alot for visiting my blog.

You're welcome.