Humpback Whale Breach

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The Humpback Whale action here in Maui is heating up. The whales are here from November to early April, so the season is finishing up, but the action is as hot as ever. Over the last two days, I have had tremendous success capturing different whale breaches on camera.

Any of you who have gone whale watching before know how hard getting one breaching photo is. You never know where the whale is coming up next, or if a breach is going to happen. You have to put in your time, find the right whale, and hope for a second and third chance.

I feel like I have been in-tune with the whales these past two days. I've had my camera ready to shoot at the right moments. Again, all of these photos are from the last two days. I have been out on boats, near Lahaina, Maui for all of these shots.

I have also used two different cameras. My main, go-to camera setup is a Canon 5d mark ii, with a Canon L-series 100-400 telephoto lens.
However, my favorite photo from this series was actually captured with an iPhone 12 Pro Max. It was one of the closest breaches I have had from a small boat, about 40 feet away, and I was look up 20ft at a whale leaping out of the water. Check it out below!

iPhone camera working its magic! Never before have I captured a breaching humpback this close on camera. This is full frame, iPhone 12 pro max, looking up at a whale.

WhalesWednesday (9 of 11).jpg
The moment of impact. Imagine an 80,000lbs backflop.

Another amazing moment captured on film thanks to my iPhone

WhalesTuesdsay (1 of 50).jpg
Now on to the Canon 5d shots

WhalesTuesdsay (7 of 50).jpg
Cool background for this breach around the backwall of Molokini Crater.

WhalesTuesdsay (10 of 50).jpg

WhalesTuesdsay (3 of 50).jpg

WhalesWednesday (7 of 11).jpg
One of my favorite shots from the series. I just love the wide angle with clouds and maximum breach power.

Hope you enjoyed.
-Dai Mar


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Hermosas capturas felicitaciones !!

Thanks Naturalbornk!

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Very extraordinary photo! Love it!

Thanks yaya! It was pretty incredible. These whales are the size of school busses!

Now that I'm looking at these photos, I think I've never seen such a beast from so close. Gorgeous photos by the way.

I've been working with these whales for over a decade and this may have been the coolese, closest breach ever!

Beautiful. You were lucky to see this!

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