rust on the rocks 2

this cart has been rusting away on the rocky beach for decades. there is no road to the place and no dock for a boat to land so how it got there is perplexing. the wood on it may indicate that it was there for the construction of a dock at some point but there is no dock there today.

then again maybe the wood was put on it much later

at any rate the cart is totally rusted.

the front wheels are closest to the sea and have crumbled away

these get wet and perhaps even submerged whenever the sea is rough or the water level is particularly high

the bedding is higher so it is less exposed to the salt water. while badly corroded, it is nonetheless wholly photogenic.

the single stainless steel bolt adds a touch of irony

the strong low sun intensifies the texture...

so i took several shots with different edits and had a hard time choosing a favorite

the back wheels are still intact

this one on the shady side...

...and this in the full sun

for rust lovers the cart is an open treasure chest

this last shot has been stylized to make it appear more like a painting than a photograph

i took these shots on Nov 23, 2023 with my samsung s22, they have been edited either on the phone or with the free version of photoshop.


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!giphy wow

Amazing photos i like it

thanks a lot.


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