Different Styles From Different Artists

Today I think I'm going to show you different artworks, mixed ones, which is something I used to do in the past, but then for some reason, I have stopped. In my very humble opinion, it's a very good idea to mix paintings with photos or other artworks from different artists.

When you have a solo exhibition, I bet most of us look for a pattern, or similarities in style. Should there be similarities between the artwork of the same author? The answer is not a simple yes or no I think, because it's the decision of the artist. I personally prefer not to see similarities but this does not refer to recurring elements.

There were two solo exhibitions lately that I visited and both artists had some recurring elements in their paintings. This was a huge plus in my eyes and I really enjoyed it.

Now let's see what I have prepared for you today.


To my absolute shock, I didn't take a photo of the title of this painting. This opens up the possibility for you to give a title to this amazing painting. Maybe some of you can remember Attila Bajkó's paintings, those wonderful artworks I posted about in the recent past. There were a couple of recurring elements and the church was one of them. I love this painting a lot, for those wonderful brown colors, how the hill is painted and for how the light is falling on the church from above. Look at the background how these lines form a semi-circle, unlike how the hill is curved.


Csíksomlyó (Șumuleu)

This is another wonderful painting, but it has a deep meaning only if you know what it means. This is not just about two churches and the hills behind them.

Csíksomlyó became a pilgrimage site in 1567, when Hungarian king John II Sigismund Zápolya wanted to convert the Székely population of the upper Csík to Protestantism. The Székelys refused to abandon the Catholic faith and resisted. A battle took place on a nearby field, on Saturday before Pentecost 1567, from which the Székelys emerged victorious. The monks saw this as a sign of the care of Virgin Mary, and since then, this event has been commemorated by a pilgrimage when the believers gather on Pentecost every year. Beside its religious importance, the pilgrimage has also become a community event demonstrating spiritual unity of Hungarian people living in and outside the historical region of Transylvania. source

This is an iconic place in every Catholic's life. It's a well known pilgrimage place that attracts Catholics from all over the world on that specific date. You see this scene painted by many and it's interesting how many ways there are to depict the same place.

Here there are two churches, but the second is the negative of the first. It's a very interesting idea you don't see very often. I love the incorporation of the golden color, it gives a different light to the painting.


Caring tree

This was a very interesting concept an I'm sure those who are into spiritual things can appreciate it a lot. Maybe some of you still remember the recurring elements of the artist. One of them is the wings and you can see wings here too. What I love the most about this painting is the roots, how they go deep into the wood and are not just painted with black paint.




This was a very different theme, with no connection to the other artworks in any way, so it stood out. Most likely you already know, you can buy me with such color combination as I love blue combined with light brown, orange and what you see on the painting.

Look at how beautiful and detailed that flower is. I can see it as a pattern on a fabric. yes, my obsession kicks in again, i can't help it.


This beauty has no title, so feel free to give it one. Let's see what you see here, how you see it.



Wings again and to me, it looks like the power is coming from above. But the interesting thing here is the gate at the bottom. I took some close-up photos to show you the details as I think that part is amazing.


Every single box has a different pattern and several colors. The artist's attention for details is mind blowing.




Last, but not least, a painting of Vera Dan, a very different style though. I loved the point of view of the artist, focusing on the colorful flowers and fence and placing the house in the background. The frame is also something to pay attention to.

Let's see which one is your favorite today?

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Beautiful! I love love love the paisleys, my favorite design element. In truth I have several favorites lol, but did I say I love paisleys?

Yes, exactly, paisley!!! Last night I was so tired I couldn't not remember the word, but that's exactly what I was thinking about too. And I love it too 😍 😊

While the church with the beam of light and those colours captivates me, the tree with its roots and wings does it more.

To this beauty that has no title I would give this one: Journey into the sun.


P.S. The landscape with the little houses and the garden is beautiful. Let's have tea there and talk about Hive. Hahaha...

Lol, I like your comment and the invite too 🤣

Let's meet there and have some rest, do nothing but look at the landscape, eat, drink and relax 😎

Journey into thesun is a very cool title, I like it.

Oh yes, rest. 😅 It reminds me that I should go to sleep because I'm tired from so much sports today.

Good for you as I just woke up and have to start my day ☹️

😂 Stay in bed a little longer. Set an alarm for 10 minutes, hahaha

Lol, 10 minutes does nothing 🤣

Have a nice evening my friend 😊 and good night 😴 🌃 🌙

That's how I do it. 10 more minutes, and then 10 more and then 10 more... and I'm late everywhere. 😁

Beautiful day for you!

Love the textures and dark emotions of the pieces! For the first one I really wanna call it "Armageddon".

Lol, that is an interesting title 😄

Amazing pictures! The one you used for the portrait is not only very beautiful, but also a bit tricky!! I though it was a tattoo!!

Lol, you're the second to mention tattoo, so it must really look as a tattoo.

I am completely captivated by these lovely paintings. There is so much soul in them!
Absolutely the best I've seen, I simply love the paintings, so inspiring!

I'm with you on that. It was one of the best exhibition in my opinion too and you know I visit a lot of exhibitions 🙂

Ahh, I joined this post based on the featured image which seemed like a tattoo for me and did stir my curiosity. But no disappoint at all! Actually, some of these might work as a tattoo. Especially the flower ones.

It could very well be a tattoo as well. The pattern is nice for sure and I'm sure it would look nice on skin too.

I think there are many elements in art, that could serve as tattoos.

I like the Caring tree.it's unique and beautiful and of course they are all beautiful and unique in different ways

It's a good pick. It's not really my style but it's a really good one.

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Beautiful photography 😊

I like the Gate and several of the other works you have shown with these elements, the colors, the keyhole, the wings. But Landscape is my favorite. I am fascinated by Csíksomlyó (Șumuleu) and it as a place of unity. It seems to show the conflict of a good and bad version of the church. But then again they are essentially the same. I will be googling this ... lol

Holy heaven, I forgot to reply to this comment. I'm really sorry Steven 😞

I'm glad you picked Csíksomlyó, because that's one with deep meaning and even though it's not my religion, it means a lot to Transylvanian people. I hope you were able to read more about it.