Random Photos, Random Mistakes

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It's been some time since my last random photo post, so today I'd like to invite you to see a mix of photos, most likely with little to no connection between them, unless you count my intention to practice different techniques and angles.

I'm always trying to find interesting subjects. Sometimes I succeed, other times I fail, but at the end of the day, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so who knows.


Here for example I was standing in front of this hemisphere and noticed the tower of the church, behind it, acting as if it was on the top of the hemisphere. It's not quite aligned, because my focus was the pine. So the idea was to first focus on the hemisphere and the church tower, after which the second shot should have been with the focus on the pine.


And here's the second shot. I don't know which is better, maybe both are bad. I'll let you decide.


I liked this statue, but made a huge mistake that I could see only when I downloaded the photos. While I was focusing on taking a photo frontwise, I didn't notice the wall on the right, or didn't pay attention to it. Would have been better from another angle, to have a clean background, but what's done is done. Maybe next time.


This is a but better, but maybe I should have taken a few more shots from different angles. Making notes with what I should do next time :) Not a bad idea as that's the only way to avoid mistakes.


Shooting through metal rings or holes is becoming an obsession for me, but it's not so easy. Here these rings were part of the table's leg that was upside down. I tried to find a god angle, but I'm not sure I did a good job.


Cropping the photo gives you a different view. Cutting out the noise, the eye can focus on the tower. This one is definitely better in my opinion.


A pretty dramatic photo of the church. The weather was good for me, but it was overcast and it shows.


This is the third statue in this post and reminds me of how rarely I post statues. I love statues with green patina, but haven't seen many in my country. You mostly see those in big European cities, like Vienna, Hamburg, Budapest and so on. It would be nice to create a series of statue posts, but the project has to wait for now. Till then, here it is, the statue of János Hunyadi, who had a significant contribution to Transylvania's history and the church I posted earlier.



This is one of my favorite photos for several reasons. I made it black and white to eliminate distractions. The brick wall with arcades itself is a beauty in my eyes, the rest is just bonus. So these books are part of a wider project that you can find in most of the major cities. The idea is to borrow a book, read it and then take it back.

When I first posted about it, I got comments like these will be stolen in one day. That was a couple of years ago. So here we are, the books have not been stolen, on the contrary, there are more and more each time I am passing by. Unfortunately there are plenty on the ground as well and winter is coming, but still, the books are there.



Looking at these photos, I'm noticing the clouds and it makes me smile. Most people would say the weather was bad, but not in my eyes. It wasn't raining, it was a bit chilly but other than that, it was splendid for walking.


This is a cool stage, that serves for different events, demonstrations but also for yoga during summer, if you like. It's free to use, no strings attached.



Looking at this photo, kinda reminds me of the Louvre. Old and new brought together. The hemisphere is made of glass, just as the entrance to the Louvre.


How's this for old and new? I's say it's perfect. I don't know if the architects of the glass conference room have placed the hemisphere where it is, intentionally, or not, but from where i was standing, I'd say it's the perfect location.


So this was my photo parade for today. I can't finish my post without tagging my dear friend @dimascastillo90 😂. Let's see what you say about these photos. Maybe we can start another trend. Would be great.

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This is beautiful 😍

I love how you decided to apply two different focus points in the first two photos, prioritizing the hemisphere and then the pine. Taking photos through metal rings was something I usually did, I don't know why I stopped doing it, so they turned out very cool with an interesting perspective.

I'm going to choose a favorite photo if you allow me... The black and white photo with the brick wall with arches that have books. It is a very good shot, well framed, with good black and white balance, good angle and that conveys a lot to the viewer 😍

Also, I love the angles you look for for your photos, it's incredible how attractive they look ❤️ It's a nice place too! Thank you for tagging me my dear friend.

Maybe we can start another trend. Would be great.

This has caught my attention, of course it would be great, I'm excited to think about it 😍😍😍 Kisses for you, darling! Have fun today and have a nice Saturday 🥰😘😘😘

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Aww, thank you! I tried something different for a change. It's nice to deviate from the routine from time to time.

The monochrome with the books? Looks like we have a lot in common as I love that too. I don't know why, but I'm drawn to these scenes.

I see you have a very positive attitude towards this idea, so I'm challenging you 😍 Winter is coming here, or it's here already, so this time of the year I'm mostly focusing on monochrome architecture. I have a few ideas and thinking of doing more of this kind of posts. What so you think? Are you in? Can I count on you?

Thank you for the nice comment and for always being so positive and supportive. I really appreciate it. Sending you 😘🤗😍❤️ and have a nice weekend my dear friend!

Tell me more about your ideas and yes, I'm in, you can count on me 😊 If you want we can also talk about it on discord my dear friend 🥰

Love this! The perfect shot is in the eye of the beholder right?

I agree on that a sky needs clouds for the sweet shot honestly

The perfect shot is in the eye of the beholder right?

Exactly! What is beautiful for me, may look ugly to you and vice versa, so ... you never know :)

the way you take photos at the ring hole is very beautiful, very good idea to take photos of the building. and some great photos of the building. you always tell a different story. Thank you friend @erikah

That ring photo is something I like to do. It's not the first one and hope not the last one either.

I hope you can find another photo of the ring :))

Personally, the 2nd picture looks better for me due to the alignment you made. And no doubt I could easily be fooled and think that it's all in one piece if you wouldn't mention that they are separate things.

I'm happy to see that the books weren't stolen, lol, but the biggest danger I think is the winter which will bring lots of damage if they won't be safely stored. Looking forward to updates!

And no doubt I could easily be fooled and think that it's all in one piece if you wouldn't mention that they are separate things.

This is a surprise, maybe because I know the two are different pieces, but it's good to know, it means I did a great job :P

Winter is not friends with paper, but those books are sitting there for years, so who knows. Maybe they will survive.

All the pictures are fantastic, the first one surprised me to know that both the dome and the church were. Two separate structures.

The pictures inside the holes are great I have never tried this technique I will give it a try.

The books are not stolen because there is good culture.

Nice photos and good reflections have a nice December.

Looks like the first photo is a bit confusing :) I tried to align them so the tower would come on top of the dome.

Thanks @soyunasantacruz, have a nice weekend!

I think all the angles of the photos you share are all interesting, nothing fails :)

I'm really happy to read this.

I really thought the first shot was a dome of a church.
that make really interesting perspective, not until I real your explanation that I understand the reality. haha

Can be deceiving at first glance, that's why I took the shot :)

Aku melihat semua bangunan dalam photo kamu memiliki nilai sejarah yang tinggi, luar biasa terimakasih telah berbagi 🥰

Yes, this place dates back to the 15th century or so.

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It seems that when we look at these beautiful buildings that are friendly and they also seem to have a history in the past.This is also some pretty good photography and I am very interested in all your photography.

Thank you!

I liked the first shot, where the dome has a magnificent architecture and some other random images are also very interesting.

I'm really glad to hear that.

I like doing random photography, for me it's fun..

My favorit 📸👍

That is a good one.

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beauty is in the eye of the beholder,

I guess I am the beholder here☺️

I love this photos, especially the ones in the hole and the ones with trees. They are awesome.

Whoever looks at these photos is a beholder or something :) Beauty or ugliness.

It's a great building, I loved it. minaret looks very cool

I'm glad you like it.

yes I liked it very much. because they are amazing

Random comments... I like both black and white shots. I like the 2nd shot through the ring. The statues are good particularly the 2nd and 3rd. The first shot of the stage is my favorite of those.