Stones, Leaves And Berries

Sometimes I like to photograph random things nature can give me. You just spot things on the scene and take a photo, or several actually as that's what every photographer do.


Then you go home and check what you did. Sometimes you get a bunch of good photos, other times you can barely select anything. It depends on a lot of things.


Leaf In The Air

Last time I was out for a photo shoot I wanted to take a few shots of these small stones that I like and then I saw this leaf on the ground. It was tempting, almost inviting, so I took a sot and here it is. It looks like it's in the air but in fact it isn't, it's just bent.


Go Green

During autumn the type of leaves I'm hunting is mostly the ones that are red, orange or brown, but not dry yet. However, any nice color that catches my eye is welcome. Like these.


Back in elementary school we learnt about leaves and chlorophyll but that was then. Now I'd really love to know how are these leaves colored like this during autumn.



Berries usually don't last for long here as we have four seasons, so as soon as the cold nights are in, most of the berries are gone. Except those that are ripe in September or October, which are not many around here.


One of them is this one, which I could not identify so far. I know this plant since I was a little kid but have never known what it is.


It looks nice, catches the eye, that's why were were thought not to eat it as it may be poisonous.


Next, rose-hips. I'm not sure this is the edible one, but looks like it.


It's not ready yet as it must be red to be harvested and may not even get there as nights are a bit chilly here. This morning there was -4C. A few nights like the last one and we most likely are going to find these rose-hips on the ground.





Rare find this time of the year as just as rose-hips, roses won't last long. The majority is already dry and those that are still living, will freeze soon.


No matter how sad this dry and withered rose looks, I still like it. If you look at the texture and color of the petals, it's fascinating. One day, when I'll have half of the day for myself (to do nothing), I'm going to draw it and color it. It's going to be a real challenge.



However, it may be too late for these buds though. Very soon these will freeze to death.


And last but not least, this gorgeous rusty tree, which again I have no idea what it is. Shame on me, slowly I have to realize how much I don't know about nature. However, nothing is lost, next year learning about these trees is going to be on my to do list.




Very beautiful shots! I also like to take random shots and I am very picky afterwards, I delete many of them!

Thank you Katerina! I guess this is what we all do. You don't see how good or bad that shot is, so it's natural to take may, then pick one if you're lucky. Imagine doing this before the digital era 🙂

It’s so beautiful. So fresh to look 👀 at these photos. Thank you for sharing.

My pleasure! Thank you for stopping by!

Nice View...good