The Most Amazing Exhibition

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Today I went back to one of my most favorite galleries because I had to take something from there and they were taking down the old paintings to make room to the new exhibition, which I'm going to visit on Friday most likely. The old exhibition was a solo exhibition of Attila Bajkó, one that I will never forget. I have already posted about his wonderful and exquisite paintings, so if you have missed my posts, it's still not too late to go back and check them out. I had another look at the artworks, for the last time if i was there, to kinda say goodbye to them. Today I'm going to post another batch of these wonderful paintings.


Passage Through

The way these smaller paintings were arranged on the wall was lovely. But even more lovely were the paintings themselves. Those of you who've read my previous posts, can already see the specific colors the artist likes to use, along with a few distinctive elements that are recurring, such as the half-circles, the wings, the keyhole and so on.


Of all four, this one was the one I liked the most, for the colors, the texture and the elements the artist used. You can find various explanations of what he wanted to transmit to the viewers, but I think the overall feeling the painting gives you counts the most. You can buy me with these colors, so you can imagine picking one was not so difficult, even if it was just an exercise.


This is similar to the previous one to some extent, but still different. Are those eyes on the sides? I love the box at the bottom, with those various elements. That is always a mystery and it is a fun game to try to figure out what each element means, or could mean.


This is the other set of colors the artist likes to use. Later in this post, you will see more paintings with similar colors. As about what it means, I'll let you interpret it.


The last piece of the set. This was a bit high up, so I could not take a better photo.


Lace Village

If you've thought you've seen it all, well, you are wrong. We're changing style here, but these works are just as marvelous as the ones before.

This artwork is painted on wood with lace incorporated. I've never seen anything like this before, but I find it extraordinary. The set of colors used are my favorite and I love how the white church stands out. I would gladly hang this out on my wall.


There were three artworks forming this set. This was the second. Same concept, differently depicted, but it was just as extraordinary as the first one. The church is upside down this time. Look at the frame. It perfectly matches the tone of the painting. I could not imagine a better frame for this set.


The third piece of the Lace Village set. Unfortunately this one was too high up to take a better photo. However, it is just as important as the rest. What makes this stand out for me is the box with the symbols on the top. That's writing in a language only @mipiano can read. Apart me of course 😆. I'll let her decode it 😎. Ok, jokes aside, I'd love to have this set on my wall, any day, without hesitation. I came to realize these paintings with a good dose of mystery interest me more than just landscapes or still lives.


I'm left without words here, honestly. Look at the brilliant idea here, to place the lovely white church above that wonderful white lace and abstract(ish) dark background makes it more striking. This one was reserved, someone will enjoy looking at it for a long time.


At the beginning of my post, I told you, this blueish color combination is the artist's favorite and here's the proof. Four paintings with similar colors. Not that that's a bad thing, on the contrary.



I loved the terra color version and love this too. The most fascinating part is the small, colorful boxes. This was reserved too :)


Energy Flame

For me, just by looking at this painting means energy. I'm not sure if you can see it too, or I'm the only one. Let me know in a comment. Let's see, am I the only weirdo here? :) I love this one too :)



Seeing so many wonderful paintings, makes you think that sometimes it's a good thing our budget is limited. I'd love to have a huge room and use it as art gallery, fill it with paintings and all kinds of artworks, but how do you choose which one to buy? I'd love to have this one too, but then again, where do you draw the line as we can't have it all, right?

Let me know which one is your favorite. If you have many, the better :)

If you're a newbie, you may want to check out these guides:



I'll let her decode it

Hahaha, a whole day passed and I didn't get there to even try to decode it 😅

But I would also like to hang it on the wall in my home, then there would be plenty of time to look at it 😇

I should try to decode it but time is limited. I was hoping you could do it 😜

¿Cada cuanto van cambiando las obrasa? Me parece genial que puedas ir a estas exposiciones por aqui queria ir a varias que se estuvieron anunciando pero sigo ayudando a mi amigo con el tema de sus cuartos incendiados, todavia no terminan las reparaciones. Por otro lado detesto que pongan obras tan altas o los textos de informacion tan chicos.

One of the exhibition room hosts a new exhibition every two weeks. The others may last longer, maybe a month.

Nitsu, I've been meaning to ask you, could you pls write in English?

Of course if it makes you more comfortable I start writing in English hahaha sometimes I assume that we all have the google extension to translate, sorry.

Yes, we have a Google extension, it's just extra work for me to translate each Spanish comment because I don't understand what it means. Google extension works for you too, to translate your Spanish comment, btw :)

What a wonderful artist! Gate is my favorite. Lace Village paintings are good. I like them as a grouping. It would be hard to buy one without them all 😊 Passage Through is great too. I just love the colors and symbols used.

That makes two of us. I love the colors too and most of the paintings if not all. This was an exceptional exhibition and I'm glad I'm able to share the photos. You picked some great ones, as always 🙂👌

Greetings @erikah,

What a privilege to accompany you to this museum...thank you for taking us along for a lovely day out.

The third piece of the Village Lace Set was definately a seemed particularly symbolic as was the one of the Church upside down....oh wow.


The pleasure is all mine and I'm glad you like it. The lace village set was an exceptional one.

These are all such wonderful paintings. Yet, it's just that one painting resembling a white church caught my attention. I've been staring at it for quite a long time, it's like a symphony of darkness, light, and shadows. This is something I want to see at an art gallery. The details of all paintings are brilliant. It's giving 💯!

it's like a symphony of darkness, light, and shadows.

Well, you said it nicely and it is for sure. I hope you can see similar art in a gallery soon.

This are so adorable and intense, I love the colors as well. Very colorful and vibrant ❤️

I couldn't agree more!

Exelentes pinturas, tienen una belleza espiritual y un mensaje oculto es sus dibujos, que invita a descifrarlo con el pensamiento al solo verlas... Felicitaciones bellas fotografías. Saludos y bendiciones... Que siga teniendo muchos éxitos...❤️😊

Thank you @enmaoro and have a nice day.

Let's see, am I the only weirdo here? :) I love this one too :)

No way, I am here😂 I mean you ain't the only weirdo
I see so much energy in this paintings, as a matter of fact, I am imagining horror movie looking at most of the paintings, especially this one

I feel my weird has reach its promax😂

I am imagining horror movie looking at most of the paintings, especially this one

That is a bit shocking to be honest. Maybe art is not for you.

This is really unique painting, with such nice spiritual feeling. You could say that it is Poetry at its finest, interpreted in pictures!

This is really unique painting, with such nice spiritual feeling. You could say that it is Poetry at its finest, interpreted in pictures!

Oops, that's an interesting show. I like fine art.